Why is an overdose of Lightning from the Colorado potato beetle dangerous?

Why is an overdose of Lightning from the Colorado potato beetle dangerous?

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The unique drug Lightning is a poison that has surpassed all analogues.

Its name speaks for itself. The drug reacts with lightning speed to beetles, insects and their larvae.

Literally twenty minutes after you spray your vegetation, the pests will drop dead.

Release form and composition

This drug is produced in ampoules of two milliliters and vials of ten milliliters. Its chemical composition is 100 g / l of alpha-cypermethrin.

Mechanism of action

The preparation Lightning, getting on the plants, is very quickly absorbed into its base, which contributes to protection from the beetle for a period of two to three weeks.

By acting on the pest, he kills them within twenty minutes, getting directly into the nervous system and paralyzing the beetle.

After that, the pest cannot move, eat, and after a few minutes it dies.

After processing the plant, even the larvae die within 24 hours.

Compatibility with other drugs

This kind of drug is not intended to be mixed with other poisons and various kinds of additives, since it is incompatible (you can read about the best insecticides from the Colorado potato beetle here, and this article tells about no less effective means aimed at combating this pest). Otherwise you will achieve not only the death of pests, but also the plant itself, which has been treated with the prepared composition.


Before you start manipulating the drug, you must put on special protective clothing, wear glasses, a respirator and gloves. Do not drink, eat or smoke while working with the drug, as there is a possibility that the poison will enter the body.

It is necessary to spray the plants in calm and calm weather in order to maximally prevent the solution from getting on the plants growing nearby. It is best to do this kind of manipulation early in the morning or in the evening. (in the period from six to ten hours).

In the work it is necessary to use a spray that can be adjusted (this feature guarantees a uniform hit of the drug on the stems and leaves of the plant, otherwise excessive "flooding" with poison can lead to the fact that you simply burn the crop).

The advantage of the drug:

  • withstands high air temperature;
  • is not washed off by rain (only if it does not rain immediately after spraying);
  • fast and efficient;
  • long-acting;
  • economical.

After you have finished working with the drug, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, several times rinse your mouth with water and change.

Preparation of the solution

In order to prepare the substance, you will need a ten-liter bucket and the poison itself with a dosage of 2 milliliters. Add the contents of the ampoule to water and mix thoroughly.

It is important to know that the amount of poison can be done more and less... You need to adhere to the table located directly on the package with the drug.

Everything is described in detail in it and build on from it. In case of an overdose of the drug from the Colorado potato beetle Lightning, you will get the wrong solution, which will harm your plant and will not rid you of pests.


While working with the drug, do not forget about its toxicity, the degree of which reaches three. Remember that although it is not particularly dangerous, it has a deadly effect on bees, therefore it cannot be used during the flowering of the plant.

It is necessary to adhere to the specified waiting time after processing the plants to avoid poisoning.

If the drug has been ingested. then it is urgently necessary to flush the stomach. To do this, drink as much warm water as possible and induce vomiting., then drink a solution prepared from water and activated carbon. If you continue to feel unwell, you will need medical help.

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