Molly German potatoes - excellent taste and high yield

Molly German potatoes - excellent taste and high yield

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Molly potatoes are the brainchild of German agronomists, which are successfully cultivated on the territory of the post-Soviet countries.

A beautiful presentation, excellent taste and high yield rates make the Molly variety in demand and more and more popular.

Description of the variety

Variety nameMolly
general characteristicstable variety of the German collection, drought resistant
Ripening period55-65 days, the first digging is possible after 40-45 days from the beginning of the vegetative period
Starch content13-22%
Mass of marketable tubers100-150 gr
The number of tubers in the bushup to 25
Yield390-450 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood taste, firm texture after cooking, medium friability
Keeping quality82%
Peel coloryellow
Pulp coloryellow
Preferred growing regionsCentral, Northwest
Disease resistancerelatively resistant to late blight
Growing featurescalmly tolerates drought, watering increases yields
Originatorfirm "Norika Nordring-Kartoffelzucht-und Vermehrungs-GmbH" (Germany)

The bush can be both high and medium in height (from 55 to 75 cm). The type of plant is also ambiguous - both semi-erect stem and sprawling intermediate type. Leaves are medium to large in size, light green and green in color. The edge of the leaf has a slight waviness.

At the very beginning of the growing season, abundant growth of tops is observed, but flowers are formed in small quantities. The corolla of flowers has a white tint.

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Molly potatoes are one of the very first suppliers of young tubers to the market. The potatoes, bred by breeders from Germany, rightfully take the place of one of the most delicious and fruitful varieties. Cultivation is common in the Central and Northwest regions.

This potato variety is classified as early maturing... The period from germination to full maturity lasts 70-75 days. The first digging can be carried out 45-55 days from the beginning of the vegetative period.

Molly is a high-yielding variety. Potatoes are characterized by early tuber formation, which turns into a rapid accumulation of yield already in the middle of the growing season.

The average yield on the 45th day after germination is 15-17 tons from 1 hectare of land, on the 55th day - 18-22 tons. When fully ripe, the maximum yield reaches 30-36 tons per hectare of sown area.

You will find information about the yield of other varieties in this table:

Variety nameYield
Ilyinsky180-350 c / ha
knapweed200-480 c / ha
Laura330-510 c / ha
Irbitup to 500 c / ha
Sineglazkaup to 500 c / ha
Adrettaup to 450 c / ha
Alvara290-440 c / ha
Breezeup to 620 c / ha
Zekura450-550 c / ha
Kubankaup to 220 c / ha

As for storing potatoes, the variety shows good keeping quality. For more information on how to store potatoes in winter, in boxes, in the refrigerator, as well as what to do with already peeled tubers and what are the general shelf life, read the articles on our website.

It is undemanding to the type of soil. It is perfectly cultivated on medium and light soils in terms of particle size distribution. Molly is a variety of table potatoes. Suitable for cultivation under film, germination and storage. The keeping quality of these tubers is quite high. In general, there are many ways to grow potatoes. On our site you will find everything about Dutch technology, about growing in bags, in barrels, under straw.

Molly's potatoes have an excellent taste, which corresponds to a mark of 4.1 on a five-point rating scale. After cooking, the pulp remains firm, does not boil over (sometimes there is an average degree of friability).

It is quite resistant to damage. After harvest, marketability is 89-92%. You can find the keeping quality indicators of other potato varieties in the table below:

Variety nameKeeping quality
Red Lady92%
Red Scarlet98%

Molly has high durability before diseases: potato cancer, viral infections: alternaria, fusarium, verticillosis, cyst nematode. Relative resistance is observed to late blight of tops and tubers, scab.

It is worth noting that planting this potato is recommended after perennial grasses, annual grasses and flax, legumes, winter crops. It is better to place the seed on sandy soils after the lupine. Mulching can help control weeds.

Plant care, disease and pest control produced as usual. As for fertilizers, you can find useful information about when and how to apply them, as well as whether it should be done when planting, you can find in separate articles.

We also offer you to familiarize yourself with other varieties of potatoes that have different ripening periods:

Mid lateMedium earlySuperearly
SonThe dark womanFarmer
CraneLord of the open spacesMeteor
LasunokRed FantasyVeneta
ZhuravinkaJellyZhukovsky early

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