Everything you need to know about Tanrek for the Colorado potato beetle

Everything you need to know about Tanrek for the Colorado potato beetle

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Tanrek is a popular insecticidal drug from the neonicotinoid group.

It effectively destroys many pests, including not only the Colorado potato beetle, but also sucking insects, ground beetles and turtles, representatives of the locust order.

One of the main advantages of the drug is its economy - low cost and low consumption of funds.

General information

Tanrek is an alternative treatment for organophosphate and pyrethroid resistant populations. Kills adult beetles and larvae of any age, does not work on eggs.

  • Release form:
  1. Glass ampoules with a capacity of 1, 10 and 50 ml.
  2. Plastic bottles 100ml and 1L.
  • Chemical composition:

It is a concentrate of a substance, soluble in water (VK).

The main active ingredient is imidacloprid, one of the most famous chemicals of the neonicotinoid group or chloronicotinyls. Concentration - 200g / l.

Mechanism of action

All neonicotinoids, including imidacloprid, have a neurotoxic effect, they bind to the acetylcholine receptors of the nervous system of beetles. Eventually blocking of impulses occurs, leading first to convulsions and convulsions, then to paralysis of the limbs and, finally, the death of the insect.

The remedy for the Colorado potato beetle tanrek, enters the body of the Colorado potato beetle by both intestinal and contact routes.

In order not to develop resistance in insects, the agent must be alternated with drugs of other groups.

Duration of action and compatibility

The greatest effect develops 2-4 days after the drug is used. Then Tanrek begins to show protective functionswith strong residual activity. Potatoes are protected from pests for up to 20 days.

Compatibility with other drugs.

Tanrek should not be mixed with insecticides, which have a pronounced acidic and alkaline reaction.

Tank mixes are best obtained when combined with fungicides. With other drugs, it is recommended to first carry out a compatibility test.

When to apply?

Spraying is best done in the evening when sun activity decreases. Do not carry out processing during any precipitation and in strong winds. After the drug has entered the plant, he is no longer afraid of unfavorable climatic conditions, including rain, hail and direct sunlight.

How to prepare the solution?

Let's now take a look at how to breed a tanrek from the Colorado potato beetle.

To destroy the Colorado potato beetle the required concentration of the solution - 1 ml of the drug per bucket of water.

The ampoule with Tanrek is opened, the required amount of the product is measured and dissolved in a small amount of water, then the volume is adjusted to the correct one.

Do not dilute the product in advance and do not store leftovers for subsequent processing, since the working solution becomes ineffective.

During spraying, about 5 liters of working solution per 100 square meters is required. Processing is carried out, if necessary, during any period of the potato growing season. Most often requires a single use of the drug... Plants cannot be sprayed later than 20 days before harvest.

Mode of application

The remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Tanrek is used for spraying plants using fine - dispersed spray guns or soil treatment. His can be brought in during planting or subsequently water the ground from a watering can with a working solution.


  1. Toxicity class.

    Tanrek is considered a moderately hazardous chemical, belongs to the 3rd class. In terms of stability in the ground, it is ranked as 2nd class... It is very toxic for bees and other beneficial insects, birds and earthworms (hazard class 1).

    Fish, any aquatic organisms and various animals suffer less, therefore a 2nd class of toxicity has been established for them. It is completely safe for plants.

  2. Danger to humans.

    Moderately toxic, but may cause toxicity. It manifests itself with symptoms such as severe nausea, feeling of weakness and fatigue, malaise as with a cold, vomiting.

    On contact with the skin and mucous membranes, it causes irritation, which can manifest itself as redness, unpleasant itching and swelling.


When working with the drug, means are used to protect against penetration - glasses, gloves, a dressing gown or overalls. Finish the treatment with thorough hand washing using soap. Do not eat during contact with Tanrek, do not drink liquids or smoke.

If the product nevertheless gets on the skin, in the eyes, immediately rinse this area with plenty of cool running water. A low concentration soda solution can be used. Upon penetration into the body, induce vomiting by taking a large amount of water, then take up to 10 tablets of activated carbon.

So, being a recognized agent in the fight against Colorado beetles and their larvae, Tanrek is quite suitable for saving the potato crop from pests.

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