Everything you need to know about Regent

Everything you need to know about Regent

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Each of us at least once in our life was directly involved in the cultivation of such a vegetable as potatoes.

And every gardener will undoubtedly I heard about such a pest of culture as the Colorado potato beetle... How they did not fight with it: they were picked by hand, and poisoned with various poisons, but nothing took it, only the root crop itself later gained this poison and became dangerous for eating.

And how it becomes annoying when, after such painstaking work, the potato bushes still disappear due to the invasion of pests. Waste labor - no harvest!

But now lovers of everything natural and homemade can breathe easy, as a new and universal drug "Regent 800" from the Colorado potato beetle has appeared, which is not only guaranteed to save you the hassle associated with the pest, but also quite positively affect your harvest.

"Regent" - pest killer No. 1

This drug is a universal and indispensable insecticide (we talked about the best drugs for the Colorado potato beetle here, and here you can read about other popular insecticides aimed at combating this pest). The manufacturers created it so that it saved you and your crop as quickly as possible from various kinds of beetles, aphids, cockroaches and many other pests found on your plants.

It was called "a universal remedy for the Colorado potato beetle" for a reason. Regent really there are no analogues in the whole world... Just imagine that its main goal is to maximize damage to the pest's nervous system, thereby reducing its vital activity. It also acts very quickly, because after the poison hits the pest, it dies within 12-24 hours.

Moreover, the drug was developed in such a way that after processing the plants, it is two more, and most often three weeks in an active state... This contributes to the fact that during this period, not only adult beetles die, but also their larvae, from which it was so difficult to get rid of until that time.

Also, an important role is played by the systemic properties of the drug, since when sprayed, its composition evenly falls on the surface of the seedlings, but, nevertheless, even those places where the poison did not fall, reliably protected from pests.

An important fact is that the drug acts purposefully during the entire ripening of the crop. Just one spray will protect you from bugs until harvest. But do not forget that in order to achieve the maximum effect of the drug, it is necessary during its operation adhere to all prescribed recommendations.

Release form

There are a significant number of varieties of this drug. In fact, each of them performs the same function, namely, it fights beetles. Their only difference is the form of release.

Since this article is intended to discuss the fight against the Colorado potato beetle, it is worth noting that this drug is produced in a kit that consists of six ampoules of white color, each of which has 6 ml.

This drug should not be mixed with other drugs, as it is difficult to match.

Also available in the form of a regent powder from the Colorado potato beetle.


He is a fifth generation destroyer. Therefore, the latest developments in pest control are included in its composition. Its "highlight" is fipronil... The pest does not have immunity to this composition, therefore, working closely with other insecticides, the drug affects the pest on a felling.

It is due to its composition that the drug perfectly tolerates the high air temperature, which is observed in the summer. Just imagine, even if your thermometer reads above 25 degrees, the drug will not lose its effectiveness, while other poisons are powerless in this heat.

Moreover, the Regent does not emit unpleasant odors, does not lead to irritation of the human skin at all. This is an undoubted advantage for those gardeners who suffer from various kinds of allergic diseases.

Preparation of the solution

If you decide to use such a "helper" and get rid of the Colorado potato beetle, then first you will need to prepare a certain kind of solution that you need to spray the plants.

So, you will need a two-liter bucket, if you need a little poison, then a one-liter bucket will do.

Then carefully open the ampoule with the poison from the Colorado potato beetle regent and pour it into the bucket.

But don't forget that the amount of poison must be measured, taking into account the indicators of the table, which is located directly on the box with ampoules.

After you have poured the contents from the ampoules, mix very well. Then add enough water to the total volume of poison consisted of ten litersthen stir again thoroughly.

The solution is ready, now you can spray it on the areas where the Colorado potato beetle lives.

Mode of application

Pour the poison into a container with a spray bottle. But do not forget that, like any poison, the Regent must be used exclusively freshly prepared, since the poison should not stand ready for a long time.

And it is also important that you can spray the drug only in calm and dry weather... It is best if you perform such manipulations early in the morning, preferably no later than ten. Or in the evening, from six to ten o'clock.

You should sprinkle the plants so that their leaves are evenly moistened. Also, make sure that the poison does not fall on neighboring plants and directly on you, all the more you cannot breathe in the vapor of the poison.

It is best if you use a respirator. Also remember strictly that the waiting period after processing must be met without question.


Despite its popularity, the drug still raises doubts among many gardeners, since they believe that if this kind of poison (regent from the Colorado potato beetle) copes with pests so well and with lightning speed, then it has a fairly high toxicity and it can harm not only parasites, but also humans.

But this is an erroneous assumption, since firstly Regent has a minimal degree of toxicity, but nevertheless it is enough to destroy the beetles.

And regarding the impact on the human body, we can safely say that it is perfect, harmless, but only taking into account the fact that the waiting period indicated directly, but the package, was maintained.

There were cases of people being poisoned, but not with a drug, but with vegetables, the bushes of which were processed. But these vegetables were eaten before the waiting period ended.

Naturally, this led to vomiting, dizziness and other symptoms. Although they are not very serious, they are still not pleasant, you must agree. Therefore, in order for your harvest to remain intact and you are healthy, just do not simply adhere strictly to all the prescribed recommendations.

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