Popular, tasty, unpretentious - early Zhukovsky potatoes

Popular, tasty, unpretentious - early Zhukovsky potatoes

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Since ancient times, our ancestors have grown potatoes in their gardens. And we have adopted this wonderful tradition from them. We are well aware of the Russian expression "potatoes are the second bread."

There are two hundred and sixty varieties of potatoes in Russia, seven of which can be eaten at the end of July. And in this article we will consider one of the best early varieties - "Zhukovsky early".

In addition to the nutritional value and taste that this vegetable provides, caring for it is not difficult.

"Zhukovsky early" is one of the most popular and delicious varieties of potatoes. The timing of its ripening: already after two to three months after planting, you can get an excellent harvest.

This variety is quite unpretentious to the soil and grows well even in the northern regions of Russia.

Description of the variety

Variety nameZhukovsky early
general characteristicsvery early table variety, with good taste, not afraid of transportation, unpretentious
Ripening period60-70 days
Starch content10-12%
Mass of marketable tubers100-120 gr
The number of tubers in the bush10-12
Yield400-450 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesmainly used for young consumption and for chips
Keeping quality92-96%
Peel colorpink
Pulp colorwhite
Preferred growing regionsNorth-West, Central, Volgo-Vyatka, Central Black Earth, North Caucasian, Middle Volga, Nizhnevolzhsky, Ural, Far Eastern
Disease resistanceresistant to all diseases
Growing featuresgerminates even in poorly heated soil, does not require special care, does not form berries
OriginatorVNIIKH them. A.G. Lorkha (Russia)

The appearance of Zhukovsky early roots is very attractive. Rounded-oval tubers are pinkish with small colored eyes. Their peel is smooth and thin, and the flesh is white. Interestingly, when cut, it does not darken.

On root crops intended for planting, you can see reddish-purple highly pubescent sprouts up to one centimeter. The starch content does not exceed ten percent, which significantly affects the taste characteristics of this potato variety. He is much more appetizing and nourishing than his later comrades.

The mass of the tuber is equal to the mass of an average apple, that is, about one hundred grams. After sprouts appear on the tubers, they can be planted in the ground. For early varieties the ideal time to plant is April.

Agricultural technology is simple - about a month after germination, you will notice on small semi-spreading bushes of medium height with dark green small leaves the appearance of red-purple flowers with white tips, collected in inflorescences.

And at the end of May, it will be necessary to take measures to combat pests, so that the enemy invaders do not seize all the potatoes.

In the table below you will find information about the mass of tubers in other potato varieties:

Variety nameMarketable weight of tubers (g)
Svitanok Kiev90-120

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As mentioned earlier, the early potato variety "Zhukovsky Early" is completely unpretentious, therefore it is found everywhere throughout Eurasia: from the North-West to the Far East regions and even in the hot climate of the North Caucasus.

Therefore, he is well adapted to cultivation on different types of soil. Subject to the simplest care rules, you can get a fairly large harvest, at least 40 tons per hectare, already in July.

This is extremely attractive for hobby gardeners growing all the vegetables and fruits in the vegetable garden at their table. After all, there is nothing tastier than a young potato of an early variety cooked in a uniform or fried with onions, mushrooms and fresh herbs.

And it is worth noting that Zhukovsky Early is very well kept, so you can enjoy your favorite dishes all year round. The main thing to remember about the basic rules of winter storage, to comply with the terms and choose the right place.

In the table below, we have collected several important characteristics of different varieties of potatoes so that you can compare them with Zhukovsky early:

Variety nameProductivity (kg / ha)Keeping quality (%)
Blue Danube100-20095

Diseases and pests

It is also very important that this potato variety is sufficiently resistant to such frequent diseases as:

  • cancer, accompanied by the formation of dark growths, resembling cauliflower in shape;
  • potato nematode, which is a parasitic worm that reproduces on the roots of plants of the Solanaceae family and, as a result of its vital activity, forms bald patches on them;
  • Alternaria, which can be recognized by the presence of brown and dark brown spots on the leaves;
  • Rhizoctonia, better known as black scab.

However, "Zhukovsky Early" is susceptible to such an insidious and dangerous fungal disease as late blight. Otherwise, this disease is called potato rot.

reference: There are a huge number of methods of dealing with harmful late blight, including folk methods, but experts recommend dealing with the root of the problem right away.

Remove healthy roots from infected ones before planting. This will significantly reduce the risk of late blight. Or, this problem can be avoided due to early ripening of the crop, if the tops are removed seven to ten days before harvesting.

Usually, potato plantings are threatened by such a common pest as the Colorado potato beetle.

On our website you will find all the necessary information about ways to combat it.

A huge advantage of "Zhukovsky Early" is its drought resistance. It is worth noting that any variety of potatoes from waterlogging begins to weaken and get sick. But the very early and early species, planted in the spring in a soil well moistened by nature after winter, do not need additional watering.

We are well aware of the heat of the second half of June, and in such hot weather, it is still worth watering the potatoes in the morning in order to preserve the plants and the harvest, respectively.

Thus, the early Zhukovsky early potato variety is ideal for growing in any Russian vegetable garden. Not susceptible to soil, it will delight you with an extremely tasty, nutritious and rich harvest, without requiring constant maintenance or special fertilizers. Use top dressing when planting, and we will tell you when and how to apply it.

In addition, to grow these potatoes, you absolutely do not need to learn and apply complex agronomic methods, such as Dutch technology, growing in bags or barrels. It is enough to observe the time of planting and harvesting, and also not to neglect mulching. And, of course, do not forget that the most important thing in any business is love. May your garden be always rich and healthy!

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with other varieties of potatoes with different ripening periods:

Late ripeningEarly ripeSuperearly
Ivan da MaryaArosaVeneta

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