Cooking raisins at home

Cooking raisins at home

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The dried fruits of the grapes are called raisins. Of the large number of dried fruits, raisins are perhaps the most popular and delicious delicacy.

Raisins are widely used in cooking; they can be added to first, second courses and desserts.

The advantage of dried grapes is that it retains 70-80% of vitamins and 100% of microelements.

It's also incredibly useful:

  • will help if you have problems with the intestines, lungs;
  • disorders of the central nervous system;
  • heart disease;
  • cure anemia;
  • activates the activity of the kidneys, liver;
  • fights lethargy and irritability;
  • preserves vision.

The benefits of raisins are overwhelming, so why not stock up on this by drying it?

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Choosing grapes for drying

Regardless of what method you use to dry the grapes, you need to select it correctly.

For this, undamaged, ripe fruits of good varieties are suitable. Better if it is a sweet variety without seeds.

The most suitable are white, black and pink "Kishmish", "Rusbol", "Kodryanka", "Muscat", "Rizamat", "Sultani", "Rizamat", "Astrakhan precocious".

Methods for drying grapes

There are several ways to obtain raisins. These are alkaline, classic (in the sun), Central Asian (in the shade) and dry in an electric dryer.

Alkaline method

To obtain raisins using this method, you will need water (liter), lime (10 grams) and potash (20 grams). These ingredients are mixed and boiled.

In this mixture for 9-10 minutes, you need to lower the grapes, and then rinse it thoroughly.

For the result to please you, you need to fumigate the place where the vines are dried with sulfur (in the ratio of 4 kilograms of future raisins and grams of sulfur).

For drying, use any place that can be ventilated. A dish is placed under the vines, into which dried dried fruits will fall.

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How to make raisins in the sun

For drying grapes with the sun, it is important to ensure that the selected grapes are free of rot and dirt. Then it needs to be laid out in any convenient way (grates, trays, paper), placed in the sun and turned over every three days.

If you have your own vineyard, you can simply stop watering it a couple of weeks before picking the vines.

Central Asian drying

In the East and Asia, it is believed that raisins should be dried only in the shade. To this end, they build rooms of clay, where they make many holes for ventilation. Bunches are placed there.

A distinctive feature of this method is the ability of raisins to retain their original color and retain all vitamins.

Such rooms, by the way, are also fumigated with sulfur (usually about an hour).

Homemade raisins in an electric dryer

But if you do not have large ventilated rooms, and you want to cook raisins, then this method is perfect for you.

Electric dryers do not require a large volume of grapes and are easy to operate.

Which dryer is better

Among the types are infrared and convective.

Dryers of the first type, although they are more expensive, dry much better due to the penetration of infrared rays into vegetables, fruits and other products. There they are absorbed by the liquid, and the drying process is faster.

Convective dryers are capable of drying moisture only from the surface layer of products and greatly impair the drying process.

The speed of drying of products depends on the power of the device (the more, the faster). But machines with high power have a disadvantage - they work loudly.

Air can be supplied to the trays from the bottom up (provided in inexpensive models.

The downside is that the lower and upper pallets need to be changed), as well as evenly distributed (in devices more expensive. Here all levels receive the right amount of air).

The capacity of the dryer is determined by the number of drying trays. Usually from 3 to 8. The more pallets, the faster you dry.

It can be plastic and metal. Plastic, of course, are lighter and easier to carry and also dry better. After all, metal often heats up and only "takes away" air from the food.

Drying safety lies in the presence of the function of automatic shutdown of the device when overheating. It will significantly extend the service life of the unit and prevent a fire.

Drying process with a dryer

To get raisins from grapes, it is better to use a fruit and vegetable dryer. This will speed up the process (compared to other drying methods) and preserve the beneficial properties of the fruit.

For an electric dryer, it is better to take seedless grape varieties. Get rid of damaged or spoiled berries first, then trim the longest branches, leaving the berries on the smaller branches.

From two kilograms of grapes, you get about 450 grams of quality raisins.

The next step would be grape blanching process... To do this, add soda (5 grams) to boiling water (liter) and lower the grapes there for five seconds. Then rinse it off with cool water.

This procedure allows you to clear the berries from small plaque until the appearance of a "mesh" - this will significantly reduce the drying process.

If this method is not to your liking, there is another one. For him, you need to peel the grapes, get rid of the branches and rinse the berries with water. Then they need to be placed in a shallow container and punctured slightly.

Before placing the grapes in the dryer, place them on a towel to absorb any excess liquid. Drying can now begin.

Arrange the berries on special trays and do not forget to change the trays every hour. After 7 hours, turn off the appliance and let it cool down.

The next stage will last 8 hours, and with large grapes, another one is needed.

After the specified time has passed, turn off the electric dryer and remove the finished raisins. Although it took a long time, the look of the resulting product will pleasantly surprise you.

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Why is it better to dry grapes yourself

Drying grapes at home has several undeniable advantages:

  • You can independently, based on your taste, choose a grape variety;
  • You will be sure that the product is of high quality and pure;
  • if you grow grapes, then it becomes possible to preserve and eat the entire crop - something fresh, something in the form of raisins;
  • what you cook yourself is always tastier;
  • You can choose and control how dry (or soft) grapes you want to get.

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