Variety of clematis varieties

Variety of clematis varieties

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Clematis is a member of the buttercup family. The plant is ubiquitous.

It can be found almost everywhere, except for Antarctica.

In Europe, clematis has been known since the 16th century, in our area it has gained popularity since the 19th century.

At the moment, there are more than 300 varieties of the presented flower.

White varieties of clematis

White clematis are considered the most capricious varieties. They require special care and skill. Such plants go well with blue or pink perennials.

Variety "John Paul II"

The variety received this name in honor of the Pope.

The long-flowering shrub vine reaches a height of 2.5 meters. The flowers are creamy white, large, with a diameter of 18 cm.

The plant is widely used for growing trellises, fences, pergolas.

Clematis looks great with low shrubs.

Variety "Jeanne D'Arc"

The Zhanna D'Arc variety is distinguished by its disc-shaped white flowers. The plant begins to bloom actively in June.

Excellent shoot-forming ability is noted. The shoots are 3 meters long.

Variety "Arctic Queen"

From a distance, this variety can be mistaken for a snowdrift of snow. It's all about white 18-centimeter double flowers. The shoot length is 2.5 meters.

Recommended for planting in sunny areas protected from the wind.

The plant blooms on the shoots of the current year in August, on overwintered shoots in June.

Bella variety

This variety has a star-shaped flower. The shoots reach 2 meters in length. The plant is resistant to fungal diseases, tolerates winter well.

At first, the flowers are pale yellow, then turn white. The flowering period is from July to September.

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Blue varieties of clematis

Blue Light variety

Clematis of this variety reaches a height of 2.5 m.

The plant must be planted in sunny areas, well protected from the wind.

The flowers are lavender-blue and reach 15 cm in diameter.

Variety "Clematis Durana"

The variety "Clematis Duran" is considered one of the widespread and at the same time one of the most beautiful. Plant height - 2 meters.

On the shoot, there are up to 15 dark blue flowers with yellow dust particles. It is recommended to cut off shoots before winter. The plant is perfect for landscaping retaining walls and low objects.

Variety "General Sikorsky"

The variety reaches a length of 3 meters. The diameter of the flowers is up to 25 cm.

Flowers are lilac-blue, anthers are yellow. A pink strip runs from the base to half of the petal. Sepals 6, wavy edge.

Variety "H. F. Young "

This variety reaches a length of 3.5 meters. Flowering occurs in June-September. The leaves of this variety are touching. Anthers are yellow, disc-shaped flowers are light blue in color. The variety is recommended for planting on terraces and in containers, looks great against a dark background.

Yellow varieties of clematis

Variety "Gray Clematis"

"Gray clematis" is widespread in China, Central Asia, and Western Mongolia. The plant blooms profusely in late July – August.

In length it reaches up to 5 meters. The flowers are greenish-yellow, there are 4 sepals. The leaves are gray, which is where the name comes from.

Variety "shrub f. bladed "

Clematis "shrub f. lobed "is an erect shrub, in height it reaches 0.7 meters. It blooms late - from August to September.

Leaves are dark green, pinnate.

The flowers are golden yellow, wide open, semi-wilted, 4 cm in diameter.

Variety "Redera"

Clematis Redera is a semi-shrub plant with a 3-meter vine. Blooms from August to October. Leaves of 7-9 leaflets, compound.

The flowering of this variety is yellowish-white, collected in inflorescences and are small bells.

Sort "Pilchatolistny"

The serratus clematis reaches a length of 3 meters. The plant blooms actively from July to August.

Leaves are double-triple, compound. Sepals are yellowish-greenish, flowers are 4 cm in diameter.

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Pink varieties of clematis

Variety "Josephine"

"Josephine" has pink flowers with a lilac-red stripe. The liana reaches a height of 2.5 meters.

If the plant is planted in the shade, greenish flowers may appear. Bloom from July to September. Flower size - up to 25 cm.

Variety "Madame Baron Vilar"

This variety has a vine 3.5 meters long. The plant is perfect for vertical gardening.

Leaves are compound, flowers are pink-purple, open. Anthers are light yellow. Shoots are cut off before winter. Flowering occurs in the second half of summer.

Variety "Pink Fantasy"

"Pink Fantasy" is a shrub vine with a length of 2.5 meters.

It is ideal for container growing.

The flowers are pale pink, 15 cm in diameter. The plant blooms from July to September.

Anthers brown, 5-7 petals.

Variety "Asao"

"Asao" is a shrub vine, widespread in Japan. It blooms on the shoots of the current year from the second half of summer, and on overwintered shoots in early summer. Dislikes sunny places. Flowers with a diameter of 12-20 cm, dark pink.

The plant is perfect for growing trellises, fences, pergolas.

Large-flowered clematis

Large-flowered clematis are distinguished by large flowers. This includes hybrids of the following groups:

  • Zhakman,
  • Viticella,
  • Florida,
  • Lanuginoza,
  • Patens.

Florida varieties ("Mrs. Cholmondeli") have a pleasant aroma, flowers up to 12 cm, often double.

The length of the liana reaches up to 4 meters. The color of the flowers is light.

Flowering on shoots of the current year from mid-summer to autumn, on last year's shoots from May to June.

Clematis Jacques ("Cosmic Melody", "Queen", "Zhakmani" and others) are distinguished by lush bloom right down to cold weather. Plants bloom profusely from July to September.

Another difference from other groups is a powerful root system. The diameter of the flowers is 12-16 cm, the tones are predominantly blue and purple.

Clematis Viticella ("Hulden", "Ville de Lyon", "Alexandrite") are 3 meters long. The main difference between plants is increased winter hardiness.

The diameter of the flowers is up to 12 cm. Flowering occurs from June until the very frost.

Lanuginoza varieties ("Olympics-80", "Ballerina", "Prince Hendrick") have a good root system. The flowers are predominantly blue or purple.

Flowering is long, twice: on the shoots of the current year in July-October, on the shoots of the last year - in June-mid-October.

Patens varieties ("Stone Flower", "Andromeda", "President") refer to large-flowered early clematis. Flowering: July-September (on the shoots of the current year), May-June (last year).

The flowers are stellate, single, flat, directed upwards. Diameter up to 22 cm.Sepals 6-8.

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Grape-leaved clematis

Grape-leaved clematis ("The Joy of a Traveler", "Old Man's Beard") differs from its counterparts, first of all, in appearance.

This is a large liana, reaching up to 6 meters in length. It grows quickly and tolerates winter well. Flowers are small, white. It is recommended to cut the shoots for the winter.

In the wild, the plant is found in North America, Crimea, in Asia Minor. In this case, clematis can reach 15 meters. The flowers are fragrant, collected in inflorescences. The foliage is dense. Winter-hardy, does not need protection from the wind.

Small-flowered clematis

Small-flowered clematis are actively used in landscape design. Various colors, abundant flowering at different times and different shapes, and color of flowers make it possible to create spectacular compositions from the presented plants.

Small-flowered clematis are divided into 13 groups: Viticella, Armandii, Vitalba, Atragene, Viorna, Forsteri, and others.

Clematis straight

Clematis straight in nature grows in the central and southern regions of European Russia. The plant is distinguished by strong phytoncidal properties, due to which it is used in medicine.

Flowers are small, white, collected in inflorescences. Flowering occurs from late May to July.

The varieties "Memory of the Heart" and "Alyonushka" are of particular interest. Of foreign clematis, you should pay attention to the Japanese variety.

It is distinguished by long flowering, white flowers are only 3-4 cm, flexible shoots rest on supports, but do not cling to them. Clematis is good for flower beds and planting between shrubs.

So, when choosing one or another variety of clematis, you should pay attention to the shape and size of the flowers, their color, as well as what weather conditions are necessary for the plant to grow.

So for white clematis, careful care is required, which means that it will be difficult for a beginner gardener to cope with them. For lovers, the popular pink clematis is more suitable.

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