We make a garden scarecrow with our own hands

We make a garden scarecrow with our own hands

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An awkward person made of straw in the fields and gardens of our homeland is no longer to be found. It's about the scarecrow!

From time immemorial, a funny doll has protected the crop from destruction. And now forgotten, and in vain.

Perhaps the scarecrow will no longer be useful as a protector from small animals or birds. However, the aesthetic component has not been canceled.

If birds have become welcome guests on our garden plots, many people like their singing, let them stay. But why not make your own garden even more lively and attractive? Remember childhood? Set up a scarecrow!

If you do not depend on the kitchen garden in terms of gastronomy, you will get an aesthetic pleasure. And if you do, the scarecrow will help preserve the crop if you learn to use it correctly.

The straw man looks great in ornamental gardens, country-style gardens, children's country playgrounds. He attracts the attention of others and gives pleasant emotions.

Why put a scarecrow in the garden

Scarecrows have been used in the garden for a long time. It was believed that it could scare off annoying birds from sunflowers, fruit trees and bushes. Among other things, the scarecrow looks pretty funny and pleases others.

To begin with, it is worth understanding why birds are afraid of stuffed animals. Immediately, we note that not every scarecrow causes fear.

In order to get the maximum effect, your scarecrow should be as similar to a person as possible. In this case, special attention should be paid to the size - it must be large.

Do not forget about bright colors, they also scare birds.

So, the size gives the intimidation, the bright colors make the scarecrow noticeable, the similarity with the person also says that the danger is close.

Accommodation also plays an important role. It is best to place the object right next to the guarded bushes. If they are located in different parts of the garden, then it is worth placing several figures.

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Materials needed for the scarecrow

There are not so many materials to create a scarecrow: just old clothes and a wooden frame. For the skeleton, it is recommended to use a wooden pole, to which the hands and head are subsequently nailed.

The frame is dug into the ground, while it is necessary to make sure that the figure is stable so that it is not blown away by gusts of wind. Then an old shirt and pants are put on the skeleton. On the head - a hat, bucket, kerchief or pot.

The scarecrow's face can be made from scrap materials: eyes - buttons, lips and mouth - pieces of a terry towel, or draw.

If you don't like the look of a stuffed animal in old clothes, you can take baby clothes. In this case, the figure will turn out to be cheerful and neat.

It is also worth taking care of the material with which you will stuff the scarecrow. It can be straw or synthetic winterizer. Among other things, you should stock up on rope, burlap, thread, needles and pins, felt-tip pens.

If you don't want to make a stuffed animal yourself, ready-made scarecrows from a variety of materials are sold in shops for gardeners. But they are called differently - garden doll.

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Making a scarecrow yourself

Make the simplest scarecrow can be done in just a few minutes. First, find a long stake.

A crossbar is nailed to it at a distance of 1/3 of the height, something like a cross should turn out. This will be the skeleton. Then drive the stake into the ground as deep as possible.

Then you can proceed to the most pleasant moment - decoration stuffed... You will need anything that does not fit well, from old pants to regular rags.

  1. Let's start with the legs. Looking for the oldest pants. The worse they look, the more attractive the scarecrow will be. The bottom of the pants is tied or sewn up. This is necessary so that the material with which we will stuff the scarecrow does not fall out. As a rule, hay or straw is used for this. If you live in a city and don't know where to find hay, you can stuff your pants with crumbled foam or other insulation.
  2. We proceed to the body. A shirt is required to create the torso. It is tucked into pants and stuffed with hay to make a chest. A shirt with pants is connected with pins.
  3. We make the head and arms. The easiest option to make the head and arms at the same time is nylon tights. They are pre-filled with hay. Then the top of the pantyhose is tied so that a ball is formed. Homemade tights-hands are pushed into the sleeves of the shirt. Well, it remains to fix the head, it is necessary that it sticks out of the shirt collar.
  4. How to make feet? Old shoes will be needed. You can take sneakers, boots, boots. Previously, they will also have to be filled with hay to shape. After the feet are full, they are attached to the bottom of the legs with pins or using construction glue.
  5. If you want the scarecrow to look as much like a person as possible, you can make your hands. For this, gloves are taken, stuffed with hay and sewn to the sleeves.
  6. Last preparations: we put a bag on the head of the scarecrow and draw a face. The burlap will not slip if fastened with a rope at the level of the scarecrow's neck. The face can be anything, it all depends on your abilities and imagination. The finished image will turn out if you put on a hat, cap, pot on your head. Among other things, you can decorate the scarecrow with rustling pieces of paper, cloth, bells. So it will not only please the eye, but also make sounds.

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That's all, it remains to attach the finished effigy to the cross. How to do it? It is recommended to use a construction stapler.

We shoot the legs, sleeves and the back of the collar to the cross-piece. Legs can dangle in the wind, so you can put something heavy in them or make a shape out of metal wire.

So, let's summarize the above. Every person can make a garden scarecrow with their own hands. This is not only rewarding, but also very fun activity that allows you to unleash your creativity. Even if you are not pursuing a practical purpose, the resulting scarecrow can become a design highlight for your garden.

Finding materials for creating a scarecrow will not be difficult, at the same time get rid of unnecessary trash. Believe me, there is nothing better than a hand-made thing. And if you like it, you can create and place some interesting figures in the garden!

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