DIY polycarbonate canopy construction technology

DIY polycarbonate canopy construction technology

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The canopy is a kind of structure in the form of a roof, which is intended to protect against all kinds of precipitation.

Initially, such structures were built in villages. A little later, sheds began to be erected as shelter from the rain on street stalls and markets.

Generation after generation, century after century, the range of awning applications has become unusually wide. The same applies to the materials from which they are made.

Despite the large selection of materials for roofing canopies, polycarbonate canopies are becoming more and more popular.

The fact is that this polymer material is easy to install, has a low specific and relatively low cost.

Plus, it is transparent, but has a protective layer against UV penetration.

Thanks to these properties of polycarbonate, it will not be difficult even for an inexperienced ordinary person to make a typical canopy.

We build a high-quality barn with our own hands.

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We build a polycarbonate canopy

To build a polycarbonate canopy with your own hands, you need to decide on the roofing dimensions. This is necessary in order to clearly measure and calculate all the dimensions of the future frame with all its structural elements.

It is imperative to take into account the fact that the canopy frame for a polycarbonate roof must be made of a metal profile (channel, corners, pipe rolling, etc.).

Such a design of the frame will make it rigid and unshakable from winds, as well as other mechanical and physical influences, which adversely affect the integrity of polycarbonate sheets (it is very fragile). So, we already have a small project or sketch.

Polycarbonate awning on concrete

Consider the simplest construction of a polycarbonate canopy on concrete. To do this, we need 2 channels 2 m high, and 2 channels 2.5 m high. We weld pennies with pre-drilled holes for anchors to the ends of 4 channels.

Then we mark the places on the concrete where we will install our racks from the channels. With a hammer drill we drill holes in concrete for fastening the racks by means of anchors.

Next, we expose the channel with dimes along the holes drilled in the concrete and fix it with anchors (we first define a clear angle of 90 degrees with a level).

It is worth noting that we set channels with the same lengths on one side. So, we have the racks for the perimeter of the canopy ready.

Next, we connect the upper ends of our racks with corners by welding. If this is not enough for the rigidity of the structure, then we additionally throw in stretchers or spacers. When everything is ready, we proceed to the installation of the lathing for polycarbonate.

According to the standards of polycarbonate fasteners, the size of the lathing cell should not exceed 1 m / sq. We weld the lathing either from a corner of 50 mm, or from a square pipe of the same dimensions. Such a width of the mounting plane for the joints of polycarbonate sheets will make it possible to fix the connecting sheet profile well.

By and large, it is much easier to buy one large sheet of polycarbonate and fix it on the crate. But if this is not possible, then we buy a mounting connecting sheet profile and polycarbonate of the appropriate sizes. Plus we need thermal washers. They will help to avoid heavy stress on the places where polycarbonate is screwed to the profile plane.

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When everything is ready, we proceed to covering the pre-made frame with a crate. It is very important that polycarbonate be placed in honeycombs along the canopy slope. This design will avoid the accumulation of moisture in the honeycomb.

The above information describes the essence of building a polycarbonate canopy and is one of the possible options for the construction of a roof. The shapes and sizes of the roof of a polycarbonate roof can be different, but the very essence of a typical shelter remains the same. If for many people polycarbonate is an expensive material, then wood can be used with ease for a canopy.

Wooden awnings

Wooden awnings, unlike metal awnings, are not very durable, but much cheaper. If you already have a desire to build a wooden canopy, then you will need materials exactly the same as for a metal canopy, but only wooden (boards, beams, slats, etc.).

The technology for erecting a canopy remains exactly the same, but as welding we use nails, screws and corners, and as a roofing material we choose slate, since it is relatively light, quickly fastened with slate nails and is durable.

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