DIY bird feeders from scrap materials

DIY bird feeders from scrap materials

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To feed the birds, you can make your own feeders or feeding tables from various materials at hand.

Most often, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes or plywood are used for feeders.

The finished structure is suspended from a pole or tree, and can also be fixed to the wall of a building.

The corners and walls of the finished trough should not be pierced or sharp. The tables should be equipped with bumpers on all sides, which will allow the food not to crumble under the influence of various external factors.

Filling the finished structure must be carried out twice a day in compliance with the regime.

Pieces of fruit, sunflower seeds, millet, grain and more can serve as top dressing.

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Bird feeder made of wood

The gazebo feeder is a great option for a variety of small forest birds that sometimes fly into the city.


1. The first thing to do is to prepare four racks, the total length of which should be 150 centimeters. They need to be fastened from below along the perimeter with crossbars;

2. Two opposite crossbars are required to be fastened with a board, the width of which ranges from 8 to 10 centimeters. It serves as a support for fixing the post in the center;

3. Next, you need to attach the bird feeders: one is located in the upper tier, and the other in the lower tier. They should be made in the form of a tray and have small sides along the entire perimeter;

4. The last stage is the installation of a hipped roof. It is made of wood and the bottom can be covered with oilcloth or made of plastic, foam. It will protect the feed from atmospheric precipitation;

5. A tree feeder-arbor for birds is installed under the crowns of large trees.

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Bottle feeder

A bottle feeder is the easiest way to create a structure for feeding small birds. Despite its simplicity, it copes well with the tasks.

To create it, you need one medium-sized bottle with a wide neck. A great option is a milk bottle. In addition, a pallet with sides will be needed.


1. It is necessary to cut two strips of sheet metal no more than two centimeters wide. The size is selected in accordance with the diameter of the bottle;

2. It is required to fix the milk bottle in two places: in the area of ​​the neck and the bottom;

3. The base, made of tin or wood, should be fixed at a distance of four centimeters from the end of the neck of the bottle;

4. It is necessary to fix the bird feeder on a post or dry tree so that the feed mixture of oats, sunflower, millet, fruit can freely fall on the pallet until the resulting slide covers the bottle opening. This design will provide the trough with feed all the time.

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Small bird feeder with squirrel protection from carton box

A cardboard box for small birds with protection against squirrels is a great, uncomplicated option that even a child can design. To create it, you need a small cardboard shoe box, duct tape and copper wire.

A simple small bird feeder to make with your kids


1. It is necessary to make two small holes in the cardboard box, the diameter of which should be slightly larger than those birds for whom the feeder is intended;

2. It is important to make 4 holes on all sides on top of the box and make a suspension with copper wire;

3. Next, close the cardboard box with a lid and secure it with adhesive tape. Such a feeder will allow

4. The finished feeder will allow only small birds to enter, and the squirrels, in turn, will not be able to access the feed mixture. The structure should be placed under roofs or dense tree crowns.

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