Leaf cutting of succulent plants

Leaf cutting of succulent plants

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Leaf cutting of succulent plants:

Many succulent plants root very easily; the succulent plants, such as the crаssula, the echoia, the calàncole, can easily be propagated also producing leaf cuttings.
This operation is practiced preferably in late spring or in summer, even if sex is successful at any time of the year.
First of all a bed is prepared in which to place the cuttings: in a low pot or in a seeding tray, peat or universal soil is mixed with sand or pumice stone.
Then the small leaves are removed, removing them with the help of a well sharpened grafting knife. If the plant contains a lot of latex it is advisable to let it dry a few hours before burying it.
The leaves must be buried for at least a couple of centimeters in the bed previously prepared, and well watered.
The tray with the cuttings should be kept moist, in a bright and protected place, until the cuttings are completely germinated.
Often we will get a small plant that will dissect the leaf used as a cutting.