Periwinkle: planting, care and use of medicinal properties

Periwinkle: planting, care and use of medicinal properties

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Periwinkle - a beautiful herbaceous plant - won the hearts of flower growers with its chic appearance, unpretentiousness and an amazing variety of species.

Leathery oval glossy leaves and simple-looking flowers with five petals always look bright, alive and healthy - pests absolutely do not attack vinca (another common name for periwinkle).

Breeders are constantly developing new varieties: with variegated foliage, double petals and the most bizarre shades - they are gradually replacing the traditional green plants covered with pink, white and blue caps. But the secrets of caring for an amazing periwinkle remain unchanged.

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How to plant a periwinkle

A plush, powerful plant can be grown in any of three ways:

  • from seeds - by spring or podzimny sowing to a depth of 1 cm;
  • cuttings;
  • dividing the bush.

Prepare for dividing the bush in advance, moisturizing the soil well. Spill additional soil immediately before work.

Usually, separated plants do not suffer and quickly take root in a new place.

When grafting - it is carried out in the spring - use the tops of the shoots. They are cut into separate pieces with two or three knots.

Almost the entire cutting is planted in the soil, leaving the upper pair of leaves on the surface.

The best time to plant a periwinkle is spring and early autumn.

Vinka grows quickly, when sowing, planting cuttings and bushes, observe the required distance between plants - from 15 to 30 cm.Then adult flowers will not interfere with each other and will look neat.

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How to grow a delicious periwinkle

Beloved land

Periwinkle tastes fertile soil, especially sandstone and loam. Although the plant loves moisture, it reacts poorly to stagnant water in the ground: it gets very wet and withers. For organic and mineral fertilizing, it will thank you with long flowering and spreading in breadth.

Any illumination

Periwinkle is not capricious, it develops equally well under the scorching sun rays and in the deep shade of trees.

However, in open places, the petals fade, and in the shade and partial shade they remain bright for a long time.

Winter clothes

In the southern regions of the cold, the wine tolerates easily, suffers only from spring frosts and snowless winters. In the suburbs and more northern regions, it is worthwhile to play it safe and wrap up the plants with fallen leaves of trees in the fall.

Pruning periwinkle

A lush bush is formed as a result of regular trimming. Perform the procedure only after flowering!

The healing properties of periwinkle

The high content of alkaloids, as well as vitamins, steroids, mineral salts, anthocyanins and organic acids has made periwinkle an indispensable assistant to pharmacists.

Periwinkle expands and strengthens blood vessels, stops blood, soothes, destroys microbes, has an astringent effect.

There is no single medical profile for a plant. Preparations based on it are successfully used by all doctors: cardiologists treat hypertension, atherosclerosis, neuropathologists - neuroses and other neurological diseases, psychiatrists - schizophrenia, depression and psychosis, otolaryngologists - severe throat and nose diseases caused by problems with the blood circulation and the nervous system - ophthalmologists eye diseases.

For a long time, the plant has helped to cope with scurvy, diarrhea, tuberculosis and bleeding.

How to treat periwinkle at home

A decoction of periwinkle will reduce blood pressure, relieve rheumatic pains, heal purulent wounds and ulcers, eliminate itching and cure a sore throat. Grind the leaves and pour a tablespoon of the mixture with a glass of water. Heat the herb in a water bath for 15 minutes.

A single dose is a third of a glass, the total daily dose is a glass. You can wash with this broth - the color and elasticity of the skin will improve.

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Periwinkle harvesting rules

The plant will retain its healing properties after drying if it is harvested at the time of flowering or the beginning of fruit formation. Cut healthy, upright shoots with live petals, 1-5 cm away from the ground.

Do not use ovens, ovens or modern kitchen appliances to dry.

Spread the herb in a thin layer on the terrace, attic or in a well-ventilated area - this way you will preserve the subtle aroma of periwinkle and the beneficial properties.

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