Growing feverfew and proper care of this plant

Growing feverfew and proper care of this plant

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Pyrethrum - This is an ornamental plant of the Aster family, not particularly demanding to care for.

It is ideal for those owners of summer cottages who have little time to care for a flower garden. Among the people, feverfew is sometimes called garden chamomile.

Popular varieties of pyrethrum

In ornamental gardening, pyrethrum has been used for several centuries. This genus includes many species, but most often you can find the following:

Pyrethrum roseum - one of the most common species, from which modern varieties have evolved, united by the name hybrid pyrethrum.

It mainly has double inflorescences with pink, white and deep red flowers.

Pyrethrum red (Caucasian chamomile).

Feverfew - perennial up to 50 cm high, characterized by branched erect stems. The carved leaves of this plant look like chrysanthemum leaves. The bush itself is compact and very lush.

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Sowing seeds and growing seedlings

Feverfew is propagated using seeds. If you want to grow seedlings, then they need to be sown in loose fertile soil, and sprinkle with earth on top with a layer of no more than 5 mm in thickness.

Next, you need to cover the container with glass and wait until the seeds germinate. After that, the glass is removed and the box with seedlings is placed in a well-lit place with a temperature of no more than 20 ° C. Young plants can be planted in the ground in May - June.

After planting, the flowers must be shaded so that direct sunlight does not fall on them. A distance of at least 30 cm must be observed between the plants.

You will see the first flowers of pyrethrum about 3 months after planting the seeds.

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Feverfew care

Feverfew is a very unpretentious plant. It feels great both in the sun and in partial shade and even in the shade. It is not afraid of cold weather and can easily withstand light frosts up to -5 ° C. Almost any soil is suitable for garden chamomile.

The exception is poor sandy soil and areas that are constantly flooded with water. If the soil is loose and fertile, pyrethrum grows into lush bushes with large, beautiful inflorescences.

In order for garden chamomile to please the eye all the time, it must be watered regularly and, if necessary, fertilized. You need to weed only young bushes recently planted in the ground.

In subsequent stages, pyrethrum suppresses weed growth on its own. If you have watered the plants abundantly or it has rained, then it is advisable to loosen the soil in order to provide air access to the roots.

You may want to transplant feverfew to another location. This will not be a problem for him, and he will perfectly take root in the new site. The main thing in this case is to preserve an earthen lump on the roots.

In autumn, you need to cut off the faded arrows, mulch the soil around the bushes and cover the plants with spruce branches.

To propagate garden chamomile, overgrown bushes are divided. If the faded inflorescences are not removed, then the plant propagates by self-seeding, which, in principle, is very convenient - you do not need to grow seedlings.

You just need to transplant seedlings in the spring to form a beautiful flower bed.

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The use of pyrethrum in garden design

Feverfew can make excellent combinations with bells, poppies, yarrow, in a word - with plants of the "meadow" group. Such compositions are especially attractive to fans of natural landscape design.

Garden varieties with large leaves that can be trimmed (such as maiden feverfew) are ideal for carpet beds. All types of pyrethrum look great next to shrubs.

Small varieties of pyrethrum are suitable for use as a decorative border. The garden looks very beautiful, where feverfew is planted randomly against the background of shrubs and under fruit trees.

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