Planting and caring for an extraordinary lupine flower

Planting and caring for an extraordinary lupine flower

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Lupine is rightly considered a beautiful, unpretentious flower. Lupine belongs to the legume family and can grow up to 120 centimeters tall.

In fact, the flower contains many advantages, since it simultaneously pleases the human eye, and brings extraordinary benefits to the earth, which grows.

In the root system of the flower, nitrogen accumulates, which has a positive effect on the soil. By itself, lupine is not very picky about itself, care for it is minimal.

It is very interesting to know that lupine can bloom several times - in May and August. So, if you want to enjoy its beautiful candles twice a year, cut off the top when it fades, and you can watch it bloom in August.

Candle flowers can be found up to sixty centimeters in length. Regarding flowers, let's say that they can be of various colors: red, blue, pink, orange, yellow, white, purple, etc.

The beginning florist will be curious about the fact: lupines come in two colors.

Without taking into account synonyms, about two hundred species of lupine are known in our time. Americans prefer the volatile lupine, which is often found around cities.

It should be noted that heat resistance is a huge advantage of lupine over other flowers. In this regard, certain types of lupins can be found even in the African desert. Regarding the multi-leaved lupine, let's say that it is distributed all over the world.

Lupine can be beneficial to decorate the interior of the room, since it has been in a vase for a long time. If you want to create floral harmony, do not be afraid to experiment and combine lupines with hosts, bearded irises, delphiniums, red poppies.

The ideal places for planting lupins are gardens in villages, flower beds. The backyard becomes much more beautiful when tulips grow on it.

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Reproduction of lupine

Lupine, like all living things in the world, tends to multiply. With regard to reproduction, it is possible in two ways: vegetatively and by seeds.

The first method (vegetative) of reproduction of lupins makes it possible to preserve the unchanged color of flowers. It is better to divide three to four-year-old bushes. Why should a lupine be exactly so many years old?

Answering this question, let's say that such bushes form rosettes much better and faster, and also multiply effectively by division.

Seed sowing is a special mixture. Spring is best suited for sowing. It is in the spring that a mixture of sod land, sand, peat is prepared. Remember that in the preparation of a mixture for sowing lupins, a clear proportion must be observed - 1: 1: 0.5.

The consistency of the mixture should be loose. Next, you should carefully grind the tubers of old plants and seeds. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the plant is not very demanding for watering, therefore, carefully monitor the watering, do not overdo it.

The first shoots appear within a week or two after sowing. After three to four weeks, you can start planting the lupine in the flower garden, since the lupine already has several leaves.

It is worth remembering that when planting lupine, a distance of 40-50 centimeters between plants must be observed. It is best to plant the plant in May, but planting in April is also possible (if the weather is warm).

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About planting and caring for lupines in detail

Oftentimes, people resort to making fun of lupine from seeds. Flower seeds can be of completely different shapes.

Alkaloids are poisonous substances contained in the seeds of lupins. That is why it is worth taking care when sowing seeds.

You need to know that it is advisable to plant lupine in a sunny place, since it is highly likely that the flower will not take root in the shade.

The soil for planting a flower must be prepared in advance, since it must be fresh, loose, and also enriched with fertilizers. Planting lupine, as already mentioned, is done in May or April.

Caring for lupines is straightforward. To do this, it is necessary to spud the flower with fresh soil, enrich it with fertilizers. It is also advisable to cut off the faded inflorescences.

It is worth noting that lupine loses its external attractiveness over the years, and therefore every four years a new planting should be done.

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