Cannes flowers: features, planting and care, use

Cannes flowers: features, planting and care, use

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Cannes flowers can become a real decoration of any garden. This perennial plant, introduced to Europe in the 16th century from Central America, is unpretentious and resistant to disease.

Differing in stem height up to 2 m and having dense glossy foliage, canna, even before flowering, can become a noticeable accent on a flower bed.

Features of cannes garden

Breeding work with cannes has provided gardeners with excellent examples of garden plants that combine the virtues of different types of cannes found in nature.

Today, canna is an ornamental plant, characterized by the following characteristics that are important for an amateur gardener:

  • stem height - 0.5 - 2.5 m. The stem is powerful and juicy.
  • color of flowers - from yellow and orange to pink and different shades of red.
  • flower size - 10-12 cm in diameter.
  • inflorescence type - loose brush (the inflorescence opens gradually, starting with the lower flowers and ending with the upper ones).
  • the leaves are oblong, glossy, the color of the leaves is varied - from green to brownish.
    flowering time - June-September.

When choosing a canna, it should be borne in mind that the most profitable combination of different varieties in one flower garden: then the early varieties will delight you with flowers already at the beginning of summer, they will be replaced by late varieties, and bright canna flowers will create an attractive look to the flower beds until the beginning of frost.

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Planting and caring for cannes flowers

Since cannes come from hot, sunny places, mid-May is the optimal time for landing in open ground for central Russia.
When planting cannes for the first time, remember that the plants will become quite large by summer and each of them will require a lot of space. Therefore, it is recommended to plant the plants at a distance of at least 50 cm from each other.

It is no secret that the main concerns of a gardener in order for plants to grow beautiful and healthy are:

  • weeding;
  • watering;
  • top dressing.

All this work must be done regularly.

Cannes love abundant watering, so it is recommended to plant them in a well-watered hole (if the soil in the garden is very dry, then it will be necessary to water it immediately after planting).

If it is necessary to transplant the canna, then it is also very important to ensure good watering, and then the plant will easily transfer the transplant.

Cannes feeding should be carried out at least 2-3 times during the growing season. It is recommended to use mineral fertilizers in granules.

Plants should overwinter indoors. If you want the bright cannes flowers to delight you in the greenhouse or conservatory for as long as possible, then before the first frosts, the plants can be carefully planted in prepared containers and placed in the conservatory under sufficient lighting conditions, while the cannes will continue to bloom.

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In order to correctly "send for wintering" the plants that are fading in the flower bed, without replanting them, but cutting them off, leave no more than 20 cm from the stem, cutting off the excess with pruning shears. Dig the cut stem around, carefully remove it from the ground and transfer it to the prepared boxes for wintering, and then sprinkle the rhizomes with earth and transfer the boxes to the room.

For the wintering period, it is necessary to reduce watering, the optimal regime will be once every two weeks.

In the spring, before planting in open ground, you need to separate and clean the rhizomes. If the plant is propagated by seeds, then they must be sown in February. The temperature in the room where it is planned to grow seedlings should be at least + 22 ° C.

The first shoots can appear in half a month. When the plant has 2-4 leaves, the seedlings must be placed in pots and the pots must be transferred to a room with a temperature of no more than + 16 ° C.

Cannes are beautiful plants that can be used both for landscaping large areas, and for decorating terraces or balconies of private houses.

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