Lilac varieties: each bush is beautiful in its own way

Lilac varieties: each bush is beautiful in its own way

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Lilac varieties, of which there are more than 1500, differ in the shape of flowers and inflorescences, color.

The variety of varieties and their dissimilarity to each other are simply amazing.

The main types of lilac

Small flowers of this plant, collected in lush inflorescences, consist of a corolla and four petals, which grow together at the base into a tube. Lilacs of this kind are called simple. There is also terry lilac.
Each flower is nested inside one another in tubes.

There is also a semi-double look. This type of flower has a second incomplete corolla with less than four petals. Also, the flowers of this plant can be unequal in size. Some varieties have flowers one centimeter in diameter, others reach three centimeters in diameter.

It is interesting! The structure of an individual lilac flower is not so important. After all, the decorative advantages of this bush directly depend on the inflorescences.

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Division of lilacs depending on color

It is simply impossible to determine the color of this bush. Inflorescences can be purple or deep purple, mauve, or even bluish purple, depending on the variety. There are a lot of white varieties. They are represented by both simple and double flowers.

The most beautiful simple white varieties: "Swan", Candeur, Vestale, "Galina Ulanova", Flora, Mme Florent Stepman, Mont Blanc, Monument, Excellent.

The most beautiful terry white varieties: Elena Vekhova, Mme Casimir Perier, Mme Lemoine, Alice Harding, Miss Ellen Willmott, Soviet Arctic, Jeanne d'Arc.

As for the dark varieties of the siren, they are mostly represented by simple colors. There are very few varieties with double flowers. This is primarily due to the low demand for them. Because dark varieties can fade in hot weather.

The most beautiful simple dark varieties: Krasnaya Moskva, Night, Cavour, Frank Paterson, India, Lady Lindsay, Zarya Kommunizma, Agincourt Beauty, Ludwig Spaeth, Leonid Leonov.

The most beautiful double dark varieties: Pavlinka, Violetta, President Loubet, Maximowicz, Paul Hariot, Edward Harding, De Saussure.

Most of all in nature there are varieties of common lilac. Its flowers are purple or lilac. The color of this plant directly depends on the weather conditions.

The most beautiful simple varieties of medium tones: Kremlin Chimes, Firmament, Christophe Colomb, Poltava, Hyacinthenflieder, Mme Charles Souchet, Hortense, Ukraine, Bride.

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The most beautiful medium-tone double varieties: Kolesnikov Olympics, Jules Simon, Belle de Nancy, Zhemchuzhina, Bohdan Khmelnitsky, Marechal Lannes, General Persching, Marshal Vasilevsky, Memory of Kirov.

Preston and Joseflexa, as well as their varieties, are late lilac hybrids (Miss Canada, Bellicent, Francisca, James Macfarlane). They bloom later than common lilac, the flowering of this bush is long and abundant.

It is interesting! A beautiful lilac bush is pinnate. It has an interesting leaf shape. Hybrid varieties of variegated lilac include William H. Judd. The bush has creamy white flowers and likes to grow in an area of ​​the garden that is well protected from the winds.

Japanese and Amur lilacs belong to bushes with high decorative properties, which are resistant to bad weather and bloom profusely.

A lilac bush of any variety is a beautifully flowering plant with a pleasant aroma. In astrology, this bush is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus. Lilac leaves and flowers are depicted on the coat of arms of the Latvian city of Sigulda. The flowering of this bush has fascinated people for a long time.

Today the lilac bush is a wonderful find for the gardener and decoration of any garden.

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