Varieties and features of the construction of gazebos for summer cottages

Varieties and features of the construction of gazebos for summer cottages

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Not a single modern suburban area can be imagined without a cozy gazebo where you can drink fragrant tea, sit with friends, or just breathe in the fresh air while enjoying nature.

The quality of rest depends on how the gazebo will look.

Summer gazebo

A summer gazebo is one of the most important elements that are irreplaceable on the site of a country house. Summer gazebos can be either open or closed. Speaking of a closed gazebo, we mean the presence, as a rule, of fully glazed enclosing structures. The advantages of a closed gazebo are obvious: on the one hand, you are relaxing in nature, and on the other hand, no weather conditions will interfere with you.

Open gazebos look lighter, more airy, they blend into the environment imperceptibly and unobtrusively, while a closed gazebo can be used not only in summer. The choice of a summer gazebo design completely depends on your preferences and capabilities.

Summer gazebo: material of manufacture

Gazebos for summer cottages can be made of various materials:

  • brick or natural stone;
  • wood;
  • metal structures, use a prefabricated structure of metal pipes.

The most popular are summer cottages made of wood materials. Wood is an ecological building material, it looks attractive, simple and easy to use, uncomplicated in processing, has a unique woody aroma.

The disadvantage of such gazebos is the need for constant protection of structures from parasites and the harmful effects of moisture.

Metal and stone gazebos, although they look less attractive, take up more space, but they have a long service life and are less demanding in maintenance and, importantly, are fireproof.

Wooden gazebos for summer cottages

Before starting the construction of the gazebo, it is necessary to determine the location of this architectural structure, as well as provide for the possibility of supplying power grids, garden paths, and protect the structure from flooding.

Features of building a greenhouse with your own hands.

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Preparatory stage

Before starting construction, it is necessary to develop a detailed plan for the future structure, make accurate calculations, which will greatly facilitate your task when laying out on the ground.

It will not be superfluous to develop detailed sketches of all structural elements: foundation, roof configuration and decorative elements, enclosing structures. Also make a list of the building materials and tools you need.

Construction of a wooden gazebo

Before starting construction, it is necessary to clear the area, remove debris, fire off the grass, after which the horizontal planning of the future structure is carried out. Marking is applied clearly following the plan, wooden pegs are installed in the corners.

A wooden gazebo is a rather light structure and could well be erected without a foundation, however, in order to avoid contact of wood with the ground, which can lead to its rotting, it is recommended to raise the entire structure above ground level by 20-50 cm.To do this, it will be enough to organize a columnar foundation ...

To begin with, holes are dug 0.7-1.0 m deep under the posts at the corners of the gazebo and along the perimeter, at a distance of 1.4-1.8 m from each other. Embedded parts, pins and bolts are mounted in the installed posts, directly to which the base of the future gazebo is attached. The upper level of the columns is leveled with a water level.

After the foundation base is ready, the lower frame, supporting posts and lintels are mounted. It is easier to assemble the roof frame on the ground and install the finished one on the racks, in the pre-marked grooves. Roof gratings and railings are selected individually, they can be easily replaced with a hedge.

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Metal gazebos for summer cottages

Metal gazebos for summer cottages are a beautiful, simple and durable structure. A variety of shapes, from an elementary square to a complex polygon, will satisfy the most demanding taste.

Also, an incredibly wide range of models of such gazebos, from the simplest: overlapping on metal supports, to architectural forms with built-in elements of a forged fence.

Country metal arbors, as a rule, are made from a profile pipe, which has a number of advantages:

  • excellent ventilation;
  • the appearance of corrosive processes and rust is prevented, provided that the elements are treated with an anti-corrosion coating;
  • robust and reliable construction;
  • the profile pipe has a low weight, which allows you to save on foundation elements;
  • an attractive appearance is ensured by priming and painting metal elements with a special paint based on an additive and plastic.

Methods for mounting metal arbors:

  • production and assembly in the workshop;
  • assembly of factory elements on site;
  • prefabricated metal arbors.

Cellular polycarbonate is widely used as a material for walls and roofs.

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Features of the construction of a gazebo

In order for the gazebo to turn out to be comfortable and cozy, it is necessary to consistently fulfill all stages of the construction plan:

  • choice of location - choose a cool, darkened place near an artificial or natural reservoir, away from the hustle and bustle;
  • creating a layout, choosing designs - gazebos can be either permanent or temporary;
  • soil analysis, foundation installation - sandy and rocky soils are considered the best soils, for which it is enough to lay the foundation to a depth of 50 cm. The ideal option would be to use columnar foundations, no more than 6 pillars. The foundation is insulated with PVC film;
  • the procedure for collecting the structure is carried out depending on the selected building material;
  • roof installation;
  • interior decoration - if necessary and depending on preferences;
  • electricity wiring.

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