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The hives should be placed with entrances to the east, so that the bees with the first rays of the sun begin to work. The distance between the hives should be at least 3-4 m, and they should be staggered or in rows. One, the strongest family, should be put on postal or some other scales. By the weight gain of the control hive, the beekeeper can judge whether there are bribes in nature or not. (Before purchasing bee colonies, you must have at least 1 kg of foundation. You will need it from the very first days of working with bees).

Your apiary should be fenced off from the road or street with a solid fence 2-2.5 m high.

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This is done so that the bees, having flown out of the hive, immediately gain altitude and neither passers-by nor animals would interfere with their flight. Any apiary should have an automatic drinker. It is a tank for 3-4 buckets with a tap, under which a plank with wooden slats nailed to it at an angle to each other is placed with an inclination. Water, dripping, flows down the top rail down in one direction, then flows along the other rail in the other direction, and so on to the very bottom.

If there is no drinker, bees are forced to look for water in other places, and this leads to unnecessary waste of time, energy and does not exclude the bringing of dirty or even contaminated water to the hive.

So, after the arrival of the bees, about an hour passed, the bees calmed down. Now it is necessary to carefully open the upper entrance so that one bee can pass through the gap. The upper entrance, as a rule, always has fewer bees than the lower one.

Seeing the light in the upper entrance, the bees rush to it, and at this time you need to open the lower entrance at once by 5-7 cm.

If you have acquired strong colonies in which there were at least 3-4 frames of brood of different ages and the bees sat in 8-9 streets (the space between the frames), they will tumble out of the entrances in a crowd and, turning their head to the hive, will fly, first in front of the hive, then circle over the entire apiary, orienting and memorizing the area and your hives.

After a stormy flight, bringing the temperature and humidity of the air in the hive to the proper norm, they will calm down and start working.

Among the brood frames, bees maintain a constant temperature of 35–36 ° C at a relative humidity of 78–85%. And the beekeeper should help them in this.

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In those cases when the frames with bees do not completely occupy the hive, from one side it is necessary to make a partition from a 15 mm plank, suspended on hangers, in the same way as nest frames are suspended, and an insulating pillow is installed behind the partition.

On top of the frame of the hives, they are closed with a position. There is a design of beehives, where ceiling boards are laid instead of a bed.

Burlap, tarpaulin or plastic wrap are used as pads. Long-term practice has shown that the most convenient material for the support is the film. It retains heat well, which is very important in the cool season. In hot weather, several holes are pierced in the film through which air escapes. With a cold snap, the bees themselves will seal the holes they do not need with bee glue.

The position should be such that its edges cover the side walls of the hive, and when the beekeeper places a roof cover on the hive, these edges along the entire perimeter of the hive will be tightly pressed by him.

The roof cover is made so that the upper insulation cushion can be laid in it.

The pillow is a dense square bag filled with moss, sedge or cotton wool. All these heaters, especially the first two, are very hygroscopic and absorb well the excess moisture formed in the hive. Then this moisture will gradually evaporate, and the hive will be dry.

In hot weather, insulation plays the opposite role, preventing overheating of the family.

The cover of the hive should sit tightly on the under-roof in the grooves selected in it or put on a "slip-on", with small lateral gaps. The lid is covered with white tin or painted white in order to reflect more sunlight in hot weather. Ventilation holes should be made on both sides of the cover, barred with a metal mesh.

The color of the hives can be white, blue, yellow. Bees determine other colors worse.

How to conduct examination of the bees and determine that everything is normal with them.

Stay with us on and you will learn a lot of useful and interesting things.

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