Expanding the bee nest

Expanding the bee nest

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In the twentieth of May in our area, as a rule, warm weather sets in. During the day, the thermometer in the shade shows 15-20⁰С, and at night its column is not released below 10⁰С.

Positive temperatures and good harvests from willows, acacia, dandelion and other early honey plants contributed to the rapid replacement of old bees with young ones, and your bee colonies should have at least 8-9 frames of various brood and 10-11 bee lanes.

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If your bees are housed in the same housing of a multi-body hive, then the expansion of the nest should be done by installing a second housing.

To do this, it is necessary to prepare dry and foundation at the rate of 10 frames per one body. The ratio of foundation and sushi should be 3x1, i.e. for 3 frames of sushi 1 frame of foundation. It is best to start expanding the nest in the afternoon.

One body is taken, and if it is old, then from the inside it is burned with a blowtorch, and then washed with hot water and soap or detergent powders. The new housing should not be burnt. Empty enclosures are placed on the back of the hive lids of those families that you intend to expand.

Insulation and roof covers are removed from the hives. If the bees behave calmly and continue to work, there is no need to smoke in the entrance. All frames with open brood, 2 frames of feed and bee bread are transferred to the new housing.

Let's say you transferred 3 frames of open brood and 2 frames of food and bee bread to a new building, for a total of 7 frames. In such a case, add 2 frames of sushi and one frame of foundation, having previously sprayed them with liquid syrup. In the lower body should be placed 4-5 frames of dark sushi, the rest - wax.

The abundance of pollen in spring allows the bees to make reserves of protein feed, and they, literally in 3-5 days, will fill all empty combs with pollen, mostly in the lower body.

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The beekeeper should know about this and after a week from each lower case take 3-4 frames of bee bread for storage. It will come in handy in the spring, when there is still no pollen in nature, and the bees need to feed the baby.

In the upper body, frames with dry land are installed on the sides of frames with brood, a frame with foundation, depending on the family and weather forecast, is installed either between frames with open brood (with strong families and good bribe), or through the feed frame from the brood.

In early June, your families should have at least 11-13 frames, brood of different ages and bees should occupy the entire upper body and part of the lower body frames. When the second corpus is placed, the uterus usually passes into it.

If you are working with lounger hives, then the expansion of the nest is done by placing the frames of the sushi against the frames with the open brood, slightly moving the frames with the sealed brood to the edges.

Of course, not everything goes smoothly at once. Where there are poor quality queens, the development of colonies will be slower, such colonies should be reinforced with printed brood from stronger colonies. With this technique, the beekeeper evens out the strength of the families, and they come to the main honey harvest approximately equal.

Strengthening should be carried out carefully, examining the frames, so as not to transfer the queen with the bees.

It is best to reinforce with a printed brood at the exit, lightly shaking off the bees from the frame. The queen, as a heavier individual, and the flight bees, when shaken off, are usually the first to leave the honeycomb, and the young bees remain.

Such a frame, or even two, can be put in a weak family. It should be placed as the outermost brood frame. Bees need to be sprayed a little with sweet liquid syrup from a spray bottle. This will help them get in touch with the bees of a weak colony, and acquire the scent of a new colony.

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