Purchase and transportation of bees

Purchase and transportation of bees

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Now that we have tested ourselves for stinging, have acquired all the necessary equipment of the beekeeper, have chosen a place for an apiary and have an idea of ​​the composition of the bee colony, we can buy bees.

The hive system is practically irrelevant for the novice beekeeper. Later, when he comprehends the basics of beekeeping, he will select the most convenient system for himself and will work with it.

The best period for buying bees is the first half of May.

Most often, Omsk people buy packets of bees in Transcarpathia, Ulyanovsk region, East Kazakhstan, Bashkiria, Tatar ASSR, In all these regions, except for Transcarpathia, bees of the Central Russian breed.

However, it should be noted that the most prosperous place for epizootic bees is East Kazakhstan. Here for a long time, up to 1989, there was a "pass system" on the border with China, and the export of bees, and even more so the import of them, was very limited. Therefore, the Central Russian breed was preserved here in its pure form. It is especially pronounced in the Andreevsky district of the Taldy-Kurgan region. In this area, apiaries, as a rule, are stationary, migrations are carried out strictly according to the routes approved by the veterinary service of the region, and mixing of other bee breeds is practically reduced to zero.

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A good road, which takes no more than a day, contributes to a safe transportation. Even the queens do not stop laying eggs during transportation.

It is advisable to transport bees in their new hives or in bee packages under the supervision of an experienced beekeeper. It will help you understand the merits and demerits of the families you are buying and prepare the families for transportation.

If you have purchased packets of bees without combs, then you need to have hives, frames with honey or combs filled with sugar syrup in the apiary, in a ratio of two parts sugar to one part water.

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