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Radicchio and curly endive

Radicchio and curly endive

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Question: radicchio and curly endive

Hi, I'd like your help for my little vegetable garden!
Two months ago I transplanted a little radicchio and curly endive seedlings. They started growing a lot, but their growth stopped a few weeks ago, what could it be? what can I do? Thanks for your suggestions

Answer: radicchio and curly endive

Dear Gianpaolo,
Many vegetables can be grown in the open field even in winter, but how, which and with what results depends on the area in which we live and the climate that occurs from year to year.
Probably your vegetables have found excessively low nocturnal lows and therefore have stopped growing.
If you live in an area with a decidedly cold night climate, try to cover the seedlings with tissue, surely it will slightly increase the temperature at ground level, but will prevent early frosts.
In fact, in many regions of northern Italy, radicchio and endive can be wintered and then consumed in February, when they start growing again after the winter break.