Problems with camellias and peonies

Problems with camellias and peonies

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Question: problems with camellias and peonies

good evening I am passionate about plants I have a problem with two camellia plants in the summer some leaves have become brownish as burnt, now a camellia in particular has the leaves as burned in the anke tips the new ones because? what can I do. I also have a peony plant over 5 years as soon as it releases the buds dry because? thank you I await an answer

Answer: problems with camellias and peonies

Dear Giorgetta,
the problem for the two plants could be the same, and I make only a few hypotheses, not seeing the plants:
- too many waterings, and a land constantly saturated with water.
- need for a greening, caused by a ground that is not sufficiently acidic, or by very calcareous watering.
- excess / lack of fertilization, which often occurs in a similar way, at least at the beginning.


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