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Ecological? Logical!

The Italian school has been at the forefront of environmental education programs for a long time
of formation of the ecological conscience, fundamental since the first years of
child learning. It is precisely in his first years of life, indeed, that he manages to
to make everyday small and spontaneous gestures of defense of the environment that surrounds us and,
often, to teach them to adults too.
Thus, to reward the new "Ecological Classes", the free educational project was born
"Ecological? Logical!"
promoted and funded by AVA Natural Force, which is committed to a cleaner world,
using natural elements in its products.
As the title of the project wants to indicate, ecology must become a habit
spontaneous and continuous, on which to make your own contribution every day.
The nursery and primary schools participating in the project will receive these materials
free to work at an interdisciplinary and creative level:

1. The alphabet of ecology with the illustrated cards from the wall and the translation of the term treated of the different languages ​​of origin of the children.
2. The Poster game of the 4 elements
3. The Libricino to take home "The smart choices you can make every day" to help us consciously use the resources of our planet to survive better, saving too!
Parents and teachers can request and book toll-free materials
800/970726 active from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13.
The 6 classes that will best "tell" with an elaborate the course done in class e
at home they will receive a prize of Ђ 500 each for the purchase and supply of Verde a
School! In collaboration with Blumen, leader of Verde in Italy.