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Plastic garden tables

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"width =" 375 "height =" 259 "longdesc =" / garden-furniture / tables-and-chairs / garden-tables-plastics.asp ">Generally, to build garden tables, the plastic is thinly worked, so that the table is light and easy to move.Often the garden tables have a hole with a cap in the center to allow the inclusion of a possible umbrella, a very useful feature for those who have a garden but do not have a roof or a gazebo. With the inclusion of a large umbrella in the center of the table, you can get the right shade to enjoy the outdoors even on hot days and in the sunniest hours.A very important thing to underline to add a further note of value to these types of tables is that, although they are very light, they are nevertheless stable.The cleaning is really simple, you can use any type of detergent, it does not matter to buy a specific product. However, to keep the plastic well and to keep it looking new, you need to clean it every day. During the winter or autumn seasons, when it is not used, it is advisable to cover it or dismantle it and store it as the plastic left to the elements and weathering has the ability to capture more dirt and if not cleaned immediately it can be ruined visibly and in a way irreparable.A plastic table is easy to store as it is simply disassembled, or rather the legs are removed from the base, so a small space is enough to be able to place it in the shelter. In this way, once the summer returns, a simple cleaning will be enough to be reused and the plastic will remain as new, without any sign of the time.Nothing prevents that even during the summer a tablecloth that will have the function of protection can be placed on the table, so as not to have to clean it every day, it is a decorative and embellishment function.AESTHETIC CHARACTERISTICS: COLORS AND DIMENSIONS


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Once the most frequently used colors were white and green, today there are many other colors and above all there are tables with many and various decorations that give an extra touch to the aesthetics of the table itself.
The shapes can be square or with rounded corners, the choice depends on our taste also loves our space needs.
If you plan to host friends often, you should buy a large table, as even if the plastic has many positive features, however, there are no extendable plastic tables; on the other hand, if you only need it for your family, even small tables are very beautiful. Ideal would be to buy both the table and the chairs at the same time, in order to have a completely matched set.
If you think you do not have enough space for a large table to welcome all your friends to the table, since we have already said that there are no extendable tables of this type, you can also opt for the purchase of two tables, so that you can use them both, both together and apart, when friends are many, or you can only use one if you need it for a family lunch or dinner.

Plastic garden tables: PLASTIC TODAY

It is not difficult to realize how today plastic is really used on a large scale, there are many pieces of furniture made of plastic.
Today plastic is used with a different process that makes it almost indestructible. Small bumps do not cause any damage to the plastic, very strong pressures would be needed to cause real damage.
This type of material can be matched well with other types of furniture, so it is absolutely not forbidden to choose plastic objects and objects that are instead constructed of other materials, the aesthetics will not suffer any damage.