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For the perfect success of a lunch or dinner in the company of friends, in the garden you cannot certainly miss the classic barbecue available on the market in different shapes and sizes. It is not just an accessory for grilling food but the symbol of a lifestyle characterized by harmony with nature and often the true protagonist of unforgettable parties. There are various types: the briefcase barbecue is certainly the most versatile and economical and can easily be moved from one corner of the garden to another without any problem. It is equipped with an adjustable steel grate, brazier, equipped with skewers and equipped with a lid and folding legs that allow it to be positioned in the most suitable place, possibly away from the plants and placed on the lawn, on the ground or on the floor . It is possible to have masonry models built or purchased, larger in size and fitted with accessories such as hearth, griddle, rotisserie, oven, etc. In this case and given the size, their position must be studied to ensure their correct functioning and easy access, as well as to make the garden more attractive without compromising the safety of the plant species present.Garden furniture

If there is a barbecue, tables and chairs cannot be missed in the garden in order to taste the dishes prepared in the open air where there is a sufficiently large space. Like the interior ones, there are models on the market of every kind and price that can beautify the garden giving originality and style. Tables and garden chairs must also be weather resistant to last over time; plastic models are usually lighter and more easily transportable while metal ones, very often in steel, are subjected to particular chemical anti-corrosion treatments in compliance with ecological regulations. Those who like to relax outdoors, perhaps taking advantage of good weather to enjoy moments of relaxation immersed in the greenery of their home oasis can also decide to buy any kind of armchair, sofa, deck chairs or mount a comfortable hammock in their garden. also in these cases the choice is really wide.

Articles for lawn care

The garden is sometimes the place where children love to play and in this case, of course, provided there is enough space, the best way to ensure that they have fun in complete safety and without the danger of damaging the plants. that of creating a lawn inside the home garden. The main tool for lawn care is undoubtedly the lawn mower that is available on different models. However, it is necessary to carefully choose the lawn mower most suited to your needs and the characteristics and dimensions of the lawn. On the market push mowers, electric or petrol and tractor mowers are available, the latter suitable for large surfaces and often used for cutting grass in gardens and public parks. Spindle mowers are usually pushed and suitable for the shearing of ornamental gardens that generally require a perfect cut of the grass. The rotary mowers make a less accurate cut than the one made by the spindle mower but are more resistant to encounters with stones and foreign bodies. They are suitable for lawns with tall, moist and comfortable grass for mowing sloping lawns. The rotary mowers have an electric or petrol engine that rotates the blades and is equipped with a container that collects the cut grass. Tractor or garden tractors are suitable for cutting grass in large lawns because they significantly reduce the time needed to mow compared to normal lawnmowers. On the market there are several models available with electric, petrol or diesel engines and models with front blades or positioned under the seat. Various models are available on the market with specific characteristics that make them suitable for different types of lawns.