Floral decorations for church wedding

Floral decorations for church wedding

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Church floral wedding decorations

Arches, hanging compositions, flowered columns: the flowers frame each wedding and immediately give class and freshness to the ceremony, illuminating the churches, usually dark and with dark colors. It is impossible to think of a church wedding without flowers, especially if it takes place in an ancient church, poorly lit, where the precious details of the rooms would not be much appreciated without the addition of a note of light and color. Yes, because the flowers are not only beautiful, but they are also functional. Light flowers, for example, if placed in the key points of a church, can become points of light able to delimit spaces and illuminate the environment. The colorful flowers, on the other hand, serve to dampen the rooms with colors and lights that are too uniform, creating a more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Necessarily to combine with the flowers of the bride's bouquet, which will also have the prized task of illuminating the bride and accompanying her in this magical moment. From the color of the flowers to the style of the decorations, a stylistic line will be obtained that will characterize the whole event.

Classic ceremony

Satins, bows and white flowers evoke a timeless ceremony and are perfect for many weddings because the spouses like them, but also to their mother-in-law and young guests. They look elegant in all types of places, including modern and ancient churches, large or small and intimate; furthermore, particularly not to be underestimated, they have no seasonality. Bouquets of French tulips, azaleas, calla lilies, and orange blossoms are extremely effective and particularly economical solutions. If you also want to give a slightly vintage feel, you can combine the green fern leaves, arranged like an umbrella. To keep the ferns and the green of a beautiful bright color, it will be necessary to spray them with fresh water, just before the start of the ceremony. Young ceremony
Gardenia is an elegant, sophisticated and very chic flower. Together with the sinuous calla lilies and the soft camellias, they can be wrapped in pleated satin or in soft lace.
If the flowers are all the same color, the ribbon will have a lot of prominence and will embellish the package.

Romantic style

A profusion of peonies, roses, buttercups, small gladioli are like a portable garden. Small green leaves can break the color, but even branches of berries, or bright-colored green peas can be used as green. To give the vintage-romantic touch, silver vases are good, one different from the other, the cups, the trophies, possibly opaque and not just polished. Metal sugar bowls, jars, small bowls for short-stemmed flowers. The only foresight, in this case, is to look for stable supports, which allow to be supported on the ground without wavering. The romantic bouquet will be rich in ribbons, gray and pink pearls, wrapped in ivory or pearl gray lace, with a few small fern leaves arranged like an accent in a corner of the composition.

Modern style

The minimalist design is certainly not poor in style. Large green leaves and white flowers with smooth petals and sinuous shapes like the calla lilies, create fresh and radiant floral decorations that illuminate the church with simplicity.
The tall, slender vases will close the flowers and make them reach the height of the eye, while on the ground they can be arranged freely, with the stems gently crossed to form a lace, or gathered in round bouquets, with the stems arranged like a star around it flowers and greenery to frame the central part with flowers. The arrangement of a single flower per vase is very elegant, since many vases can be used with a narrow and long neck. In some cases, the exterior of the church allows it, they can create real frames with calla lilies, using only the flower and using the green of the stem as a note of color. White and green are perfect for a modern and minimalist church wedding, and held together by a jute ribbon, they can become a splendid bouquet in the arms of the bride.

Floral decorations for church wedding: Bohemian style

Small flowers, strong colors, from fuchsia to purple, to electric blue. Small red roses, lilac satin ribbons, pansies, purple aquilegia and a touch of yellow. The bohemian style is not simple, but it certainly gives a great effect. Many small bouquets of these flowers with vibrant colors, held together by flounces of satin ribbons and silk threads dropped free towards the earth, will give color to the church, even the most dark. If the church is small and the budget allows it, the orchids are the ideal flower for this style of decorations, always embraced by silk ribbons in warm colors. The bouquet, in this case small and "balloon", can follow the harmony of the flowers chosen for the decorations, or use the same ribbons, but only one type of flowers, different from the others, but similar in size and character. For example, if the decorations were made with violas and red roses, the bouquet, carrying the ribbons of the same colors, could be composed of sun anchusa capensis, also called Blue Angel, or lobelie.


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