Plants selling online

Plants selling online

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Plants for sale online: where to find them?

The possibility of finding plants for sale online is increasingly widespread thanks to specialized portals in this sector: it is the case, for example, of bakker-it or of, which provide a wide variety of solutions from which it is It is possible to draw to find what is right for us. The operation is very simple: once arrived at one of these sites, we can observe the wide range of proposals, including flowers, plants, shrubs, garden items and so on.

How to make the purchase

So, once you have selected the products you want to buy, all you have to do is follow the instructions that are presented, so as to complete the purchase process quickly and practically. Payment is made in total security, given that all personal financial information is transmitted through encoding technologies that ensure that data is not manipulated or seen by third parties: to check if the processing is taking place correctly, it is sufficient to see if a closed lock appears on the bottom screen. As for the forms of payment, it is possible to use a credit card (Postepay, Mastercard or Cartasм) with direct debit on the current account, simply indicating the card number, the three digits of the control code and the expiry date; alternatively it is possible to use a check, to be attached to the order and sent by post. Anyone who prefers, however, can also complete the payment by bank transfer or cash on delivery, upon receipt of the package, by delivering the money directly to the courier.

Save time, money and effort

Buying plants online, therefore, saves time, money and effort: time, because there is no need to leave the house, go to the florist, look for a flower that is not available, go to another florist, etc.; money, because there is no need to spend gas or money on parking, and because on the Internet you can compare numerous offers at the same time; and fatigue, because everything happens while sitting on the sofa at home, without having to move, get cold, sweat, etc. In short, the plant will come to our house, not us who will have to take it. When looking for plants for sale online, however, it is good to take into account some rules regarding purchases made on the web: first, that usually in addition to the price of the product there is an additional cost for shipping costs; furthermore, that in most cases a minimum spending amount is required to place the order.

The Bakker company

The most reliable portal for online purchases is, as mentioned, Bakker. The company dedicates the utmost attention to the various products in order to ensure the best possible quality: before shipment, for example, the number of branches that make up the roses, the height of the shrubs and the size of the flower bulbs are carefully checked , as well as the quality of the roots of all the species is verified, making sure that they are fresh and able to grow and develop once they are planted. Quality items, therefore, also because Bakker is associated with the National Distance Selling Association: as such, it is formally committed in compliance with the professional code of ethics that sanctions consumer rights. For example, the purchased products can count on a legal guarantee for twenty-four months compared to the delivery date (excluding, of course, products that have a lower life cycle). Customers can also count on some products for three years plus warranty: they are hedges, rose bushes, fruit trees, shrubs and perennials, which are therefore guaranteed for five years. For the seeds it is necessary to look at the expiry date indicated on the package, while flower bulbs, annual plants, pot plants and tubers are guaranteed for one year. It is good that the customer remembers to communicate the defect within two or months, either by telephone or by e-mail, and that the replacement of the product cannot take place if the damage depends on extreme weather conditions (for example, drought or frost).
Bakker, among other things, is also part of the Bulbose Trademark Quality Association, which guarantees that the small group of suppliers that are part of it only sell products characterized by optimal flowering (provided that all planting instructions are respected) are indicated on the various packages), correspond to the variety, size and color chosen and are characterized by high quality standards, by virtue of a particularly accurate selection. Usually, moreover, together with the order a practical guide to gardening is also provided, which allows the customer to implement all the tricks to make plants and flowers grow in a healthy and correct manner.

Online plants sale: Economic convenience

As can be seen, therefore, the purchase of plants online offers numerous advantages both from the practical point of view, from the comfort, and from the point of view of economic convenience. It is worth trying, therefore, this new way of buying, given that now electronic commerce is becoming a fundamental component of our lives.