Purchase plants online

Purchase plants online

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The advantages of buying on the Internet

The benefits deriving from this purchase method are different: firstly, economic savings. Since there are no intermediation costs (for example, a shop has to pay rent, salesmen, electricity bills, taxes) the products sold on the Internet have a lower cost than those that are physically on the market: and this it is even more valid for plants, which often have rather high prices in garden centers. It should not be forgotten, moreover, that the purchase can be made from home: therefore there is no need to spend gas to go to the store, or money for parking. On the other hand, even comfort is a fundamental factor that deserves to be taken into consideration: precisely because there is no need to move and to go to the store, but the choice and the purchase procedure can be carried out in any place: at home, sitting comfortably on the sofa in front of the computer, but also in the subway via a tablet, or while in line at the Post Office with a smartphone. All you have to do is select the plants we want and indicate the address to which we want to receive them: everything else will be done by others. Precisely for the reasons just indicated, moreover, the purchase of plants online translates into considerable time savings: not only because, for example, it can be completed while you are doing something else, but also because there is no need to get dressed, leave the house, go to a garden center with the risk of getting stuck in traffic, finding a parking space, searching among plants and not finding the desired species, etc. None of these risks is presented on the Internet, which in fact allows to identify, with a few simple clicks, even the rarest species, perhaps coming from the other side of the world. Not even the advantages in terms of fatigue and stress savings can be underestimated. ">

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How to complete the purchase

The procedure to complete the purchase, on the other hand, is more or less the same for all the portals: once you have browsed the catalog and identified the plants you want to buy, simply select them, specifying the desired quantity, if necessary follow the instructions that are specified in the following pages: in particular, you must enter your personal data, complete with address and useful information for shipping and delivery. Afterwards, it is advisable to indicate the preferred payment method: you can choose between a postal check, a bank transfer in advance (once the transaction details have been received, the company will send the goods), cash on delivery (which can sometimes be paid). request the payment of a small extra, but in the order of a few euros) or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express or online Paypal service). Do not be afraid to provide your data (for the credit card, in addition to the identification number and the expiry date, the three-digit security code located at the back is also requested), as for all confidential information treatment protocols are used to ensure their safety and protect their privacy.

Possibility to exercise the right of withdrawal

It is good to keep in mind that customers have the possibility to exercise the right of withdrawal (unless the online purchase was made in a VAT number system for business or entrepreneurial purposes) within ten days of receipt of the goods: then , consumers are also guaranteed from this point of view.
The safest purchases, also because they are based on a wide variety of choices, can be made on Bakker, which ensures the size of the bulbs, the number of branches and other parameters that make it possible to ensure the real validity of the products.

Online purchase of plants: Read the sales conditions

In conclusion, it should be pointed out that buying plants online offers many advantages, even if - obviously - not the possibility of seeing live and touching the desired species. When the goods are received at home, it is up to the buyer to verify that the number of packages corresponds to the one indicated, that the packages have not been altered and that there are no visible damages. Depending on the portals, there are guarantees on longer or shorter products (on Bakker, for example, they are generally two years, which become five for fruit trees, and of course they are lower for species that have a life cycle less than twenty-four months), which entitle you to receive new products or a refund check. It is advisable, however, to consult the conditions of sale before completing the purchase, and to consult the always exhaustive FAQs (Frequently asked questions) that are now present in each site.