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Wooden garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture

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Wooden garden furniture

The garden is the place of the house where you spend most of your time dedicated to relaxation so it is important to furnish it with practical, functional and durable furniture. One of the materials that has all the features necessary to make our garden efficient is wood.
The garden furniture made of wood is certainly the best choice for those who want to furnish their garden with taste, elegance and functionality in order to make it a perfect environment where you can spend time relaxing and where you can receive friends and go with them pleasant hours.
To furnish your garden in the best possible way, you first need to decide which space to furnish and how many pieces of furniture we can position ourselves in. In fact, there are several pieces of furniture all made of wood, the essential furniture for each garden is undoubtedly the table and chairs used to recreate a area where you can have lunch and the lounges and sofas where you can spend time reading a good book or chatting with friends, there are also many furnishing accessories that can be combined with essential furniture such as deckchairs, swings etc and finally if you need a place in the shade you can also buy an umbrella or a gazebo always made of wood and combined with the rest of the furniture.
Each garden furniture can be made in different types of wood and in different colors, so before deciding how to furnish your garden, compare the various possible styles and prices in order to decide which wooden furniture will best suit your needs. needs and that manage to recreate the right atmosphere for you in the garden.

Types of wood

Each piece of furniture can be made of a different type of wood, in fact solid wood is often used to make the tables, which is a very heavy and precious type of wood, but there are also chipboard outdoor tables which are a much more economical choice. but they are easily ruined if exposed to rain, the chairs generally match the wood with which the table is made.
There are also types of wood such as teak and rattan with which it is possible to furnish the entire garden.
Teak and rattan are made with the wood of two tropical plants so they resist much better than other types of wood to the weather and sun exposure and have an extremely longer life.
Teak looks exactly like any other wood but it has the characteristic of being oily and therefore it makes the water that falls on it slide down becoming water repellent while the rattan shows itself as a woven fiber and becomes waterproof, resistant to shocks and chipping and lasts long over time.


To choose the best wooden furniture you need, you need to divide the space you have available well in order to be able to recreate a space to use as a dining area and a space for the relaxation area.
In the space for the dining area you have to arrange at least one table with chairs and if you still have space you can also add a wooden kitchen to it, to choose the right table take into account the number of people it has to accommodate, if you have little space and many guests you can opt for an extendable table or you can buy a folding table to add to the fixed table placed in the garden, organize yourself in this way also for the wooden chairs and buy some to match with the table and leave in the garden and other folding to be taken only when needed .
In the relaxation area you can arrange sofas or armchairs, generally this type of furniture remains fixed maybe placed in a sheltered place or under a gazebo but if you have little space and the need to move this furniture from one place to another it is advisable to buy them in rattan so that they are light and easy to carry.
If you still have space available, you can also place wooden benches in the relaxation area or a rocking chair that will surely make the children happy.
When choosing wooden garden furniture, keep in mind where you need to place them, as some types of wood do not withstand the action of atmospheric agents for a long time and must therefore be placed under a cover (such as chipboard) while others (such as rattan and teak) can remain under the rain for a long time and under the sun without being damaged in the slightest.
All types of wood are available in various natural colors but rattan can also be found in different colors such as white and black.

Wooden garden furniture: Maintenance and purchase

The wood, before being sold, is treated with special paints to protect it from the weather, so occasionally the wood must be repainted with this special paint to restore the initial protection but the rattan and teak do not need any type of maintenance as they are much more resistant types of wood.
For the purchase of wooden furniture you can contact the specialized shops in outdoor furniture and gardening, the prices vary considerably based on the type of wood chosen, from cheap wood (chipboard) to very expensive wood (rattan).


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