Selling plants

Selling plants

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Look for plants for sale in stores and on the Internet

To find plants for sale it is possible to rely on both online and offline. If, in fact, supermarkets, garden centers and specialized centers represent the most traditional way to make purchases, on the other hand the Internet offers a virtually infinite variety of solutions, with opportunities for all budgets and for all needs. Green Space, Efiori, Bakker are just some of the most famous and famous portals that allow Internet users to find plants for sale and buy them while sitting comfortably at home. Such as?

How to make a purchase on the web

Once you have entered one of these sites, you can search for the desired species in the different sections: shrubs, bushes, flower beds, fruit plants, there are solutions for any need. You are spoiled for choice. Once you have found the plant that suits you and we intend to buy, all you have to do is select it, specify the desired quantity and then complete the procedure by simply following the instructions that are specified in the various pages. Naturally, you must enter your personal data indicating the address or in any case the place where the plant will be delivered; payment, on the other hand, can be made in different ways depending on the customer's choice. You can decide, in particular, to pay by cash on delivery (bearing in mind that this method usually requires a supplement of a few euros); or by postal check, bank transfer in advance (the shipment will start only when the confirmation is sent that the operation is successful) or credit card (in most cases all the main cards are accepted, ie Mastercard, American Express and Visa). Payments are made in total security, and there is no danger: even those who are wary of e-commerce and online transactions may feel comfortable, because all personal data and all financial information are processed according to a specific technological protocol that provides for encrypt them and then keep them safe from intrusion.

Customer rights: withdrawal and warranty

Once you have chosen the plants for sale, all that remains is to wait for them at home: at the time of delivery it will be a good idea to check that the packages correspond to the indicated quantity, and that the packages and the goods are not damaged or damaged. The customer must know, moreover, that he can exercise the right of withdrawal within ten working days from the delivery date, without further costs. Furthermore, depending on the case, the various products have a longer or shorter warranty. In Bakker's case, for example, the guarantee generally lasts twenty-four months, except, of course, that for those plants characterized by a shorter life cycle. Not only: for fruit plants and perennial species, the guarantee is even extended to five years. It is advisable, however, to read carefully the conditions of sale shown on the Internet sites at the time of purchase: many portals, for example, do not allow the right of withdrawal to be exercised by those who have made the purchase by VAT number, and therefore for business or professional needs. In general, then, it will always be advisable to take a look at the FAQs, the Frequently Asked Questions, reported in the portals, which can provide useful information to follow the entire economic transaction.

Plants sale: The advantages of online sales: saving time and money

It is therefore evident that those who do not want to look for plants for sale in gardening centers or specialized nurseries have the opportunity to make purchases thanks to the web. On the other hand, the windows of plants on the Internet save money, effort, time and stress. The prices of plants available on the Internet, in fact, are generally lower than those that the same species would have in a garden center: the reason is that on the Internet the various costs typical of a physical store (the rent of the premises , the salaries of the clerks, the various bills) are completely canceled, and therefore, by reducing the expenses, one can lower the prices. Thanks to the web, moreover, it is possible to buy species coming from the other side of the world with a few and simple clicks, finding plants that are not available in Italian shops and malls (it is always advisable, however, to check shipping costs, to avoid unpleasant surprises). All this, in any case, can be done directly from your home computer, but also via a tablet while you are going to work by train, or via smartphone while you are in the queue at the cash desk in the bank. The advantage of shopping on the Internet is just that: there is no need to take the car, deal with traffic and look for a parking space to enter a store, since the shop exists on the Net, and offers a variety of potentially endless solutions: the catalog, in fact, can be browsed and re-browsed as many times as you want, taking all the time you want to decide whether to buy a plant or not.