Church wedding floral decorations

Church wedding floral decorations

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Floral decorations for a church wedding: how to make them and where to place them

The creation and installation of floral decorations for a church wedding requires the observation of some precise norms, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. It is clear, in fact, that the particular place makes the compositions and the arrangements must be marked by a certain sobriety, both of the colors and of the forms. Likewise, the flowers can only be placed in points that do not obstruct the passage and do not obstruct the view.

Which flowers to choose: natural, dry, fresh or artificial

How should we act concretely? In the first place it is necessary to choose whether to resort to natural or artificial flowers, and, in the case of natural flowers, whether to fresh flowers or dried flowers. Each solution evidently has disadvantages and advantages. Fresh flowers, for example, guarantee an undoubtedly excellent visual impact, but on the other hand they cost more and also require special attention and care to prevent them wither or wither. Dried flowers, on the other hand, are not at risk of deterioration, and yet they need the utmost delicacy: they are very fragile, and therefore run the risk of breaking easily. Finally, artificial flowers are cheap and can be handled easily, at a price - obviously - of a lower aesthetic quality. Of course, the economic budget will also have an impact on the final choice: the money available that can be spent will tend to favor one or the other solution, taking into account, however, that some tricks and tricks can also be used for save. For example, if you want to make particularly lush and rich bouquets, other less expensive but certainly impactful elements can be added to the flowers: for example wheat ears, or apples or other types of fresh fruit; or again, pinecones brushstrokes of white, colored stones, leaves and twigs, ivy or anything else that suggests fantasy. The important thing, in any case, is to fill the bouquet sufficiently so as not to leave anti-aesthetic holes or empty spaces.

How to save on the purchase of flowers

Another way to save on the purchase of floral decorations for church wedding, on the other hand, is to share the decorations with another married couple: if two weddings are scheduled in the same church within a few hours, or however on consecutive days, it is possible to try to ask the other newlyweds if they intend to split the expenses. Which means flowers at half price, provided - evidently - to have more or less similar tastes and needs. Furthermore, it is worth emphasizing that the floral decorations placed in the church can also be reused later, for example by bringing them to the restaurant. The cascading compositions will prove to be exceptional centerpieces once the pendant part has been eliminated, while the bouquets tied to the church benches can be donated to the invited women.

The aesthetic parameters that must inspire the decorations

But concretely, what aesthetic parameters should inspire the creation of the decorations? In the first place, it is necessary to decide whether to proceed with realizing them personally or entrust the task to an experienced florist, who can count on a considerable knowledge of the needs of each flower. Speaking of flowers, in particular, it would be better not to exceed the number of species: two or three are enough to create the right variety without exceeding or giving life to a style that is too confusing. Yeah, but what are the species you have to bet on? It is clear that the choice of rare or exotic species will lead to an increase in costs, as well as the selection of out-of-season flowers (which among other things have the defect of being short-lived and therefore risk to dry early). It is therefore preferable to focus on seasonal flowers: for summer, for example, the classic sunflowers will be perfect, able to recreate a rustic, familiar and warm atmosphere, or different varieties of roses. For the spring months, instead, you can decide to use marigolds, snapdragons, daisies, geraniums and gerberas, of different colors and shapes so as to create a variegated decoration.

Floral decorations wedding church: How to assemble flowers respecting the style of the surrounding environment

When the flowers are assembled, care must be taken to respect the style of the environment in which the various decorations will be placed. It is necessary, in essence, to seek a certain visual balance, and at the same time give the idea of ​​harmony and rhythm. The compositions must not be monotonous nor monochromatic, and can contemplate the proximity of different flowers as long as they are appropriately combined: for example, a very large flower next to groups of flowers of contained dimensions. Speaking of colors, we must pay attention to white, which, unlike what is believed, is candid, but stands out clearly among flowers with colored petals: its use, therefore, must be dosed with care, especially in church, to avoid decorations too bright or flashy.