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Metal gazebo

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Gazebo in metal

Anyone who wants to create, in their own garden, a quiet place dedicated to the relaxation of the whole family, needs a gazebo.
One of the main materials used for the construction of a garden gazebo is metal as this material offers great stability together with a long life span.
THE metal gazebo in fact they are designed as fixed structures, to be anchored to the ground, and can be used for a long time so they must be chosen with care and both its position and the size of the structure must be carefully evaluated as this gazebo will remain in your garden for many years.
Even the style of the gazebo should be chosen with care because the metal can be perfectly adapted to the furnishings in the garden in order to create a personal style that reflects your personality.
After purchasing a metal gazebo, it is also necessary to furnish its interior, there are various possibilities for furniture so you can place, under the gazebo, both a table and chairs (preferably always in metal or in a color or a material that matches ) so as to create an area where to have lunch or a garden lounge to create a relaxation corner where you can read a good book or chat with friends, you can also place fabric curtains along the sides of the gazebo in order to make the more welcoming and reserved environment.
After carefully choosing among the various models of gazebos available, you can buy them in a gardening shop or in a garden furniture store, but if you want a unique metal gazebo you can order one from an iron craftsman who can make a custom made wrought iron gazebo, its cost will surely be superior to the others metal gazebo but the effect will be special and will make your garden unique.

Types of metal

The gazebos can be made in various different metals, they all have in common the strength and stability but they also have some particular characteristics that it is good to consider before choosing your own metal gazebo.
Iron Gazebo
Iron is one of the main materials used to make the gazebos and, being very heavy, it always represents a model of a fixed gazebo, it does not need any particular maintenance but, from time to time, the structure must be checked, the presence must be verified of rust and, if present, should be eliminated.
Gazebo in wrought iron
The wrought iron gazebo has the same characteristics as the traditional iron but represents a true work of art inside the garden because it can be custom made and have decorations and particular carvings that can recall the various decorations already present in the garden.
Gazebo in aluminum
The aluminum gazebo is the ideal choice for those who want to have a gazebo without spending too much. This type of gazebo is generally light and easy to dismantle so it can also be thought of as a mobile structure and has an essential and unadorned aesthetic. It is stable and durable like other metals and can be easily combined with garden furniture, thanks to its lightness, this type of gazebo is also used as an "emergency" structure and is installed only in case of need, not occupying space in the garden when it is disassembled.


The metal gazebos are available in many different models, in fact different shapes and sizes can be found passing from the small square gazebo to the large rectangular gazebo, but there are also circular, hexagonal, etc.
All the metal gazebos are very basic and leave the open structure that can be closed with curtains or cloth panels, but be careful to position the gazebo with the curtains in a not very ventilated place and tie the curtains well to the structure metallic.
It is also possible to choose plexiglass curtains in order to isolate the interior of the gazebo and also be able to use it during the winter.
The coverage of this type of gazebo is usually made of PVC or a canvas, specially treated to become water repellent.
The metal, in general, is not painted but it is possible to choose the cover and the curtains of the favorite color even if it is always advisable to opt for the white that matches the environment and keeps the heat away while keeping the inside of the gazebo cooler, in in any case the curtains and the cover are easily removable and therefore can be replaced every time you want to change the aesthetics of the gazebo (they must be replaced even when they are broken or have deteriorated).

Metal gazebo: Positioning and choice

Before buying your gazebo, decide how to use it and where to place it.
If you have a lot of space it is advisable to choose an iron model in order to fix it to the ground and use it for a long time while if you have little space you can opt for an aluminum model that can be easily disassembled and moved.
First of all, remember that the gazebo needs flat ground suitable to support its weight.
Place the gazebo in a poorly ventilated place (so as not to have problems with the bulge of the curtains) and, if possible, not too sunny (the metal with the sun heats up and the structure could become very hot).
If you have chosen a gazebo in decorated wrought iron it is advisable to place it in a particular point of the garden where it can enhance the surrounding environment and create a unique and enchanted place.