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Wooden garden tables

Wooden garden tables

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Wooden garden tables

The garden must be furnished with care and one of the indispensable elements in garden furniture is certainly the table.
There are garden tables of different materials but the one that best matches the environment and nature is the table made entirely of wood since this material perfectly reflects the surrounding nature and is environmentally friendly since, when it is no longer needed, it is disposes of easily.
The garden table can be thought of as a mobile or fixed structure in fact there are very light wooden garden table models that can easily be moved from one place to another and other very heavy models that are left fixed in the garden but, both the table models adapt perfectly to the surrounding environment and, together with the other furnishing accessories, contribute to creating a place for recreation and relaxation for the whole family.
Among the various models of wooden garden tables there are also folding tables suitable especially for those who have little space and need a solid but mobile structure or used as "emergency" tables in case of sudden guests.
The wooden tables are made of various shapes but, generally, they are used above all the square and rectangular models chosen on the basis of the necessary size and often they also have the possibility of lengthening in order to better adapt to the needs of the moment.
When you choose your wooden garden table, try to fit it properly into the present context then choose a color similar to the existing furniture or, if you buy everything together, take the garden furniture in compatible shades so as to create, in your garden, a corner furnished with taste and elegance, able to transmit warmth and welcome to the guests you receive.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood

The advantages of buying a wooden garden table are many, first of all wood, compared to other materials, goes well with the surrounding nature and is easy to dispose of.
The wooden table, compared to the iron one, is much lighter and cheaper even if it has the same stability, while, compared to the plastic table, it has a definitely better aesthetics.
Another advantage of the wooden table is the possibility to choose among the innumerable colors, all natural, of wood.
Even wood, like any material, has some disadvantages of use, in fact being an organic material it can deteriorate over time so it is preferable not to leave it exposed to bad weather for a long time but try to place it under a gazebo or under a roof, in case of fixed table, while if you have a mobile table you can store it in a cool and dry place when you are not using it.
Generally, the wooden tables are treated with special paints to protect them from damage caused by bad weather, this procedure is carried out during construction but it is advisable, from time to time, to restore the painting so that the table lasts longer in the time.

Types of wood used

Garden tables can be made with many different types of wood.
One of the main woods used for the construction of a garden table is certainly the solid wood which presents a high quality and also a great weight in fact, in this material, fixed tables are made above all. The solid wood to last long needs a special treatment that protects it from sunlight and makes it water repellent.
Another of the woods widely used for garden tables is the teak which, being very oily, has a greater resistance to water and weather. This type of wood fades quickly but it is enough to wash it with a jet of very strong water to return to the initial color.
Then there are also garden tables made of chipboard or plywood, these two types of wood represent the most economical choice of garden table, they have a much lower resistance to the weather so it is advisable not to expose them to rain and to shelter them during 'winter. Generally, small and light tables are made of chipboard and plywood that can be moved or dismantled if necessary, and even folding tables.

Wooden garden tables: Purchase and maintenance

Wood, being a natural material, needs light maintenance over time, in fact, before being sold, the table is treated with paints that protect it from atmospheric agents but, over time, the paints are damage and must be applied again. To do this you just need to buy the right paint for your table and pass it over the entire surface with a small brush, being very careful not to forget any hidden corner.
To clean the wooden table, just wash it with a soft sponge soaked in a neutral detergent, then rinse and dry (avoid using very aggressive detergents because they could damage and dull the table surface), so your table will always be clean and bright.
For the purchase of a wooden garden table, you can go to stores specializing in garden furniture, while small and folding tables can be easily found even in shopping centers in your area and in DIY stores.