Invasive roots

Invasive roots

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Question: invasive roots

I would like to be advised on trees that are possibly less invasive for sidewalks, and that have flowering in spring-summer. I live by the sea in Cilento (SA). thanks

Answer: invasive roots

Dear Domenico,
most of the trees used in the garden produce a broad root system, which typically widens quite deep, so as not to disturb pavements or pavements; in fact very often you see real trees in the road beds, next to the sidewalk, which do not disturb the surface of the ground in any way, and therefore their presence does not affect the maintenance of the road surface. Generally these trees are tall trees, and do not have very particular or showy blooms, but in any case their presence is still decorative and pleasant. A typical example is the holm oaks, which are widely used throughout Italy, because they are evergreen, have a beautiful thick foliage, do not become excessively large, and do not have special needs. Among flowering plants, oleanders are used in the same way, which are not real trees, but are shrubs, which can become very large, and their flowering continues from late spring until late summer. The schinus molle is a beautiful garden tree, although it tends to have a very wide crown, and therefore it must be positioned in places where it can find a good amount of space. The Magnolias produce a fairly deep root system, and even these, especially the deciduous species, also tend, over the years, to never become huge; among the plants of the same family of magnolias, we also find the liriodendron tulipifera, which becomes a fairly large tree, has a beautiful crown, and produces flowers similar to large yellow tulips. The catalpa is another tree with deep roots, it produces very beautiful flowers, it has a large foliage and a dense crown; the hybrid catambra species also has the advantage of keeping mosquitoes away. There are so many trees suitable for living in your garden, so it also depends on the tastes and characteristics of the area in which you want to place them.