Succulent plants for sale

Succulent plants for sale

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Fat plants for sale: where to find them

The search for succulents for sale can be carried out easily not only in all garden centers, but also in many supermarkets and hypermarkets in the gardening section. There is also the opportunity to make the purchase online, where often you find cheaper prices (but in this case it is good not to forget the shipping costs). Succulent plants, therefore, can be grown without problems in a domestic environment, both in the apartment and in the garden, since they are able to withstand cold and hot environmental conditions without difficulty. Very fascinating, by virtue of the exotic origins and above all of the colors and shapes that distinguish them, these species need adequate care and constant maintenance. It is therefore not necessary to make the mistake of thinking that a succulent plant can be neglected: if you think you do not have enough time to treat it, it is preferable not to buy them.

What aspects to consider before making a purchase

Before proceeding with the purchase, therefore, it is advisable to take into consideration the peculiarities of the environment in which the plants will be placed. It is therefore necessary to understand what kind of species is desired, whether on a raised vessel or if placed in a pot on the ground, verifying that there is a sufficiently ventilated, illuminated and moist point to meet its needs and therefore allow it to grow and develop regularly . Succulent plants live, in nature, in different places, on snow-covered mountains as in arid deserts. Therefore, they are characterized by a remarkable ability to adapt to the surrounding environment: this does not mean, however, that the cultivation in an apartment does not have to respect certain rules, which allow the succulent to face a complete vegetative cycle, flourishing and developing . With regard to flowering, it is not said that it occurs every year or in every season: in fact, there are species that bloom only after a certain number of years, and species that instead bloom already when young, despite the small size. It will therefore be advisable to inform yourself in advance about the characteristics of the plant you intend to purchase. Furthermore, the aesthetic aspect should not be underestimated, given that each plant is characterized by a style that should preferably adapt to the surrounding context and to the environment in which the species is located. Shape, size and colors are all aspects that affect the final result and the visual rendering of a plant. On the other hand, they also represent signs of good or bad health of the plant (in the sense that pale or withered flowers, tending towards the bottom, must represent an alarm bell as an indication of suffering of the species).

Which species adapt easily to apartment living

In the search for succulent plants for sale, however, it may be useful to know which species are able to adapt to the domestic environment and to the apartments with greater ease: these are the mammillaria, the notocactus and the ecinocactus. From the point of view of style and aesthetics, modern furniture will be enhanced by species with a tapered shape and an upright shape: for example, the cleistocactus and the pachycereus. Also very common in Italian homes is the mother-in-law tongue, the name with which the epiphyllus is known, characterized by a hanging posture and perfect for those who want a suspended plant. Furthermore, nothing prevents us from creating compositions made with different plants, even if these are insights that it is preferable to leave to gardening experts, to avoid compromising the survival conditions of the species: in fact, it is a matter of combining environmental needs and different food, and therefore the greatest attention is needed. Speaking of environment, moreover, it must be emphasized that sometimes the environment hosting a succulent plant may, for different reasons, prove hostile, for example because it is attacked by pests or insects. It is therefore essential to have the ability to recognize the signs and indicators of suffering of plants, so as to be able to intervene immediately. For example, a species that exhibits dark spots on the surface is receiving excessive watering, or is suffering from water stagnation that could cause rot. Cochineal insects are especially dangerous: they are small insects that cause the plant to die after colonizing the ground: to defeat them, it is necessary to change the soil and the pot, and above all to eliminate the color clusters (the shells in which they live) in color whitish using an old toothbrush.

Succulent plants sale: Where to go: supermarkets, specialized garden centers, Internet

The sale of succulent plants, as mentioned, takes place on the Internet (but it is necessary to carefully check the source and ascertain its reliability), in specialized gardening centers or in supermarkets: as far as prices are concerned, they obviously differ according to the provenance (since a plant that comes from South America will be burdened, in the cost, with the expenses necessary for the transport), from the rarity and from the diffusion of the species. Anyone who is not an expert, however, can rely on the advice of a nurseryman, who will provide all the useful suggestions to select the succulent plant best suited to his needs, in terms of maintenance, climate, fertilization, irrigation, environment fertility and aesthetic appearance. .


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