Cost floral wedding decorations

Cost floral wedding decorations

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The cost of a wedding floral arrangement

The cost of floral arrangements for a wedding depends, first of all, on the species you choose to buy. It is evident, in fact, that a rare flower or coming from a distant country will determine a higher cost (due to transport costs) than a flower that is widely cultivated also in Italy; in the same way, a non-seasonal flower costs more than a seasonal flower (without counting, among other things, that lasts even less time). For spring and summer weddings, therefore, are seasonal flowers grown in Italy - and therefore economically convenient - sunflowers, snapdragons, daisies, some varieties of roses, geraniums, marigolds and gerberas. Regardless of the species, in any case, often the cost of floral arrangements for a wedding turns out to be quite high. In any case, it is possible to put into practice some tricks to save money, and allocate part of the budget available to other activities.

How to save: share decorations

A first way to pay for little flowers is, quite simply, by sharing decorations, compositions and various bouquets with a couple who get married on the same day, or at least the following day, in the same church or in a nearby church. In doing so, in fact, it will be possible to recycle the flowers for two different species, halving the costs for both marriages. It is clearly a solution that has some disadvantages, in the sense that, for example, it is essential to find a couple with more or less similar tastes. But the problem does not arise, for example, if you marry friends or relatives at the same time. The sharing of flowers, therefore, turns out to be a very original way of saving considerably.

Recycle flowers in church and restaurant

But another suggestion that can be put into practice to achieve cost reduction is to implement the art of recycling. You could, in essence, decide to use the same compositions for both the church (or the Municipality, if the marriage is celebrated with a civil ceremony) and for the restaurant (or any other location where lunch is consumed, the refreshments or dinner). It is sufficient to entrust the task to some friend or relative who, once the ceremony in the church is finished, takes care of collecting the various decorations to take them to the restaurant and position them before the guests and the spouses enter the room (there are, however, also florists who willingly take on the task: but should be paid for the trouble, and at that point the money saved on the one hand would still be spent on the other). For example, the cascading compositions located on the church benches, if small, could be deprived of the pendant part and reused as a centerpiece: it would be, moreover, a way to maintain the same aesthetic style in both places in which the festival is celebrated.

Fill the bouquets with stones, leaves and ears of corn

A further trick to spend little is to fill the bouquets and decorations with other elements other than flowers: if it is true, in fact, that a floral composition that has holes and empty spaces may turn out to be anti-aesthetic, because it cannot be filled. such voids, for example, with pine cones (picked from the ground, then cleaned and possibly colored at no cost), ears of corn, small candles, colored stones, round pebbles (also in this case, zero cost), ivy leaves, twigs , berries or fresh fruit? It would be a way to combine practicality and aesthetics, in the sense that it would create decidedly original compositions in a low cost manner.

Cost floral wedding decorations: resort to fake flowers

But on the other hand the cost of floral arrangements for the wedding cannot be high if fresh flowers are chosen: why not make compositions and bouquets with artificial or artificial flowers? Acting in this way, prices would drop significantly, even more so if we were directly responsible for the realization of the flowers: the creation of crepe paper roses, in fact, in addition to being fast, requires a really minimal expense. The fake flowers could also be used for the centerpieces, for the bride and groom machine and any other environment that you want to decorate. Making them, on the other hand, is really simple: it is enough to have some sheets of crepe paper (more elastic than the tissue paper, and therefore able to lend itself more easily to the various manipulations), a pair of scissors, a little of glue (vinyl, preferably) of the iron wire to fix the flowers and obviously lots and lots of imagination. To create the petals, it is sufficient to cut round portions of paper, of the dimensions we prefer according to the size we want, and then fold and rub them so as to create a wrinkled effect. The petals thus formed will be glued together and then joined, again with glue, to the wire, possibly covered with green paper to simulate the stem.
The price of the decorations, in substance, can vary from a few tens to several hundred euros, depending on the type of flowers you buy and the compositions you want to create.


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