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Pistils for fake flowers

Pistils for fake flowers

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Required material

We will need the pink and yellow crepe paper, a ribbon, black cardboard, a pair of scissors, glue, an iron wire and a glue gun. We take the pink crepe paper and cut it into five prices, which must have the shape of a petal; after which, we take the black cardboard and reduce it to a strip one hundred centimeters long and seven wide: we fold it in half and then, along the folded edge, we cut numerous cracks. At this point it is necessary to roll the cardboard around the wire (the wire will be broken depending on the length we want to give to the stem), on which it must be glued using hot glue. Let's go back to the petals and rub the edges of each of them, creating a wrinkled effect. Now, all that remains is to glue the petals, one by one, around the stem again with hot glue; the pistils are missing, which can be made by taking thin strips of yellow crepe paper, to be rolled between the fingers and glued, after having made some balls, between the petals. The flowers are almost ready, since the last operation to complete consists of covering the base of the flowers with a green ribbon. Of course, the pink crepe paper can be replaced by any color (or you can use white paper to color manually, so as to obtain all the nuances we want, for example by mixing acrylic colors). We take into account, moreover, that in the case in which we paint the paper with tempera or watercolors, at the beginning it is rather wrinkled and slightly fragile: we should not fear, however, because the ugly appearance that it has when it is wet turns and gives life to very realistic petals when dry.

An alternative procedure

An alternative procedure to create fake pistils is to use a sheet of colored crepe paper, a pair of scissors, toothpicks, a white card and vinyl glue. We must start by cutting, from the sheet of crepe paper, twelve circles, of different sizes depending on how big we want to make the flower; these twelve circles naturally represent the petals, each of which must be oriented in such a way that on the paper the streaks run vertically. At the bottom of each piece of paper you need to apply some glue, which is then left to dry. Therefore, in the middle of each petal, pressure must be applied with the thumbs, so as to curl the edges inward by stretching the paper: in practice, a kind of bowl is formed. At this point, a circle must be cut from the cardboard with the same size as the petals; five petals must be glued to the outer edge, four petals on the inner edge and three petals in the center. Now is the time to think about pistils: it is necessary to take the crepe paper and cut a not too large strip, which must then be folded in half. Taking the doubled sheet, you need to make some cuts on one of the edges, so as to fray; the paper, therefore, must be wrapped around a toothpick, on which it must be attached with glue.
As you can see, the creation of fake flowers and pistils does not require specific manual skills, and can be put into practice in a few minutes: if we are not really do-it-yourselfers, it may happen that the first results will not be exceptional; but they will improve over time.

Let your imagination vent with bouquets and compositions

The important thing, therefore, is to leave room for creativity, to then use the fake flowers created by us in different ways: for example, they can go and compose a bouquet, characterized by petals of different colors, or constitute an innovative and fun centerpiece. In the decorations, however, the buds can be associated with other elements: colored pine cones, small stones, ears of corn, small or large branches, ivy leaves, fake fruit, small candles, satin ribbons, tulle bows and whatever else comes to mind.

Pistils for fake flowers: Not just crepe paper: paint with sprays and brushes

In conclusion, it is good to specify that fake flowers and pistils can be created not only with crepe paper, but also with sheets of plain paper, with tissue paper, with newspaper sheets or with an easily manipulated fabric: they, on the other hand, they can also be painted later, with water or acrylic paints, using brushes or spray cans to distribute the color unevenly.