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Outdoor garden furniture

Outdoor garden furniture

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Learn to know our needs

Learn to know our needs
More and more people, so they have a green space, a large or small garden, where you can spend hours of relaxation, light-heartedness, letting the children play and run, feasting on healthy and genuine food in the company of your closest friends. No less important than our house, the garden becomes in effect a part of our home and as such must be conceived, maintained, maintained, furnished. It is the environment that our guests will look at even before our house, so it must be truly impeccable. If we do not have a large green thumb, and if we hate to pass the lawn mower, it will be necessary to minimize the spaces used for the lawn and to pave our garden with stones, stone, scree, strips of wood, everything that helps us to give to our space a clean look, without weeds sprouting here and there. To preserve a touch of green, it will be good to resort to fruit trees or climbing plants (easier to manage) or perhaps it is possible to create small flower beds surrounded by stones or wood, in which seasonal plants, succulents, or maybe a small herb garden. Let us remember that paving part of our garden is absolutely essential if we intend to enrich and beautify our green space with furnishing accessories that will help us enjoy all its potential to the fullest. Let us therefore ask ourselves what we want from our garden, what are our primary needs and let us proceed without hurry in the choice of furniture and furnishings that will make it absolutely unique.

An island in the green

What we choose to put stone benches, pvc sofas, a hammock, or a table for lunches and outodoor dinners, it is necessary to create in our garden a shaded area, a real island of coolness that accompanies our days in the open air allowing us to shelter from the scorching sun. There are several solutions to this need: the most romantic is of course a pergola. A corridor of greenery, vine leaves, flowers and very fragrant climbing plants that give us the real shade, the one where sheltering is really a delight. But, of course, the construction of a pergola requires a very long time (no less than 3-4 years because it becomes very rich in leaves and sufficiently shady) so, waiting for our plants to grow luxuriantly on the structure that we have installed, it is It is possible to fall back on gazebos and umbrellas, less romantic but certainly very practical. In both cases it will be a good idea to take a look at our needs and our budget, since we can find all kinds of them on the market. From the cheaper ones, with aluminum or plastic structures, but which naturally have the disadvantage of being unsteady structures, therefore not very reliable, to those in wood or metal, which require complex assembly (they are planted in the ground, maintained by tie rods exteriors) which, however, give us a far superior aesthetic result, as well as a quality that lasts over time. In both cases, these structures are covered with PVC sheets - no longer made from natural fiber sheets - which allow light to filter through, but not heat, and are treated to withstand the most aggressive atmospheric agents as well as UV rays and are , of course, fireproof.

Outdoor garden furniture: the taste of outdoor dining

While waiting for our pergola to grow, once our gazebo is in place, we need to focus on how to equip our outdoor dining room. Indispensable, of course it is a table with chairs, perhaps extensible. If we have a lot of space available it is possible to choose fixed structures, which after the summer do not necessarily have to be put away, but in the event that the available space is limited, our choice will have to fall on folding, removable elements, not for this less glamorous, but certainly more practical, since they will spend the winter in a closet. If then the kitchen is really our passion and we don't want to give up preparing dishes in company, we can choose an outdoor kitchen, which is mobile or fixed, so as to avoid those hateful shuttles between inside and out, which not only prevent us from enjoying fully of the company of our guests, but sooner or later they risk to let us fall. As in the case of tables and chairs, the discourse of the kitchen applies: if it is fixed, prefabricated or made to measure, it usually requires a wall to lean on, a shelter that covers it, and is made of materials that protect it from the weather. Conversely, a kitchen that is mobile and allows us to put it away after the summer, has the undisputed advantage of practicality without losing it in beauty. On the market there are beautiful models, completely in steel, equipped with all the comforts of a traditional kitchen: burners, oven, a small sink, open and closed spaces for storing dishes, food and textiles. At the dining corner, it would be advisable to accompany a small seating area, a place to chat while enjoying the cool. In this case, our attention will be focused on synthetic rattan sofas, if our garden has a more country look, or on pvc sofas and armchairs signed by the great masters of design, with a supermodern style that faithfully reproduce the most traditional models.