October wedding flowers

October wedding flowers

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October wedding flowers

Getting married in the fall is always a great choice. Excessive heat has passed but the climate is still mild and pleasant and the days are bright enough to allow spouses and guests to enjoy a long day. The colors are the most beautiful: the warm tones are the real protagonists, from the nuances of pink to the more orange ones, to reach the ever-present red. And yet the chocolate, gold, aubergine and peach tones to add warmth and romantic atmosphere to the wedding. In all this, it is the flowers, above all from the bride's bouquet, that give the real impression to the whole event. And in October, the one that really marks the autumn period, the choice of flowers is still very wide and there are many ideas to use to give the whole a touch that fully reflects this season. The addition of berries for example, large reddish leaves of maple or oak or berries, whether it is the bouquet or decorations at the reception tables. Among the most suitable flowers are the timeless roses, gerberas, tulips or orchids that are found throughout the year and offer a sophisticated and oriental tone.
But for those who prefer the colder shades, you can focus on the shades of violet and blue of flowers by choosing wisteria, irises, hydrangeas or freesias, or even lavender that gives a Provencal and very particular imprint to the event . But the white flowers of magnolia or lily of the valley are often used to lighten and give a touch of refinement to the bride's bouquet.
But here are the most loved and generally most suitable flowers for this wonderful October day


Roses are the flowers that will never fade, among these are the smallest roses with orange tones or the simple five-petal corolla of the "Single Cherry" variety, of a bright red color and with a bright yellow pistil. And then the rose has always had important meanings and is very suitable for love stories. Red light represents true and faithful love; purple is an emblem of eternal love; white, like so many other white flowers, pure love; the orange rose is the charm and enthusiasm; pink is innocent love while yellow is not suitable for marriage because, if it was once a symbol of jealousy in love, in modern times it is given to friends.
But in October, a bridal bouquet is also suitable for gerberas, flowers similar to daisies, with very simple lines but by no means trivial. And also from the point of view of symbolism, these flowers represent love very well, depending on their colors.
The shades of this flower are warm, the pink gerbera for example is the emblem par excellence of a young love; the red one represents true passion and victory while the yellow one is glory. The most suitable for the month of October perhaps remains the one with orange tones that brings satisfaction and joy.
And then there are the tulips, sober but not at all obvious and perfect for the most aristocratic wedding, which combined with ivy shoots express uniqueness and strength to the bond of love.


It is not said that all spouses like the warm orange colors, typical of the autumn season. In October, the bride will be refined and romantic, even with a bouquet made up of flowers with cooler shades. The lilac nuances are typical of this period. Lavender, for example, also chosen for table decorations, will give the event a typically Provençal stamp. Its meaning - of purity and virtue - has been linked since ancient times to its intense fragrance. Still on the subject of bluish shades, you could opt for wisteria, with its violet shades. Imported from America in the 1700s, its name means "sweet plant" and its meaning in the language of flowers, is of availability and affection but is also given to ask forgiveness. Then there is the refined iris, whose name refers to the rainbow, a symbol of positive and pure feelings and the very rich blue hydrangea, splendid for a bouquet. On the meaning however it is good not to dwell, as this flower represents the intention to escape, the detachment and the coldness.


Whether you choose to give your wedding a warm and welcoming impression with orange flower shades, or a refined and romantic tone, opting for bluish nuances, it is important in church to keep a more sober line. In October, as in any other month of the year, focusing on white or cream with details of light ribbons that recall the chosen colors, it is difficult to go wrong. And the white and fleshy dahlias, emblem of good taste, are among the flowers preferred by brides for the decorations on the altar. Even the small and lovely freesias, often used for bouquets, are ideal for church compositions, combined with a lot of green.