DIY crepe paper flowers

DIY crepe paper flowers

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How to make a simple flower

Crepe paper is a material that lends itself very well to the creation of small decorations such as flowers, both single and in more elaborate compositions for composing centerpieces, bouquets and garlands. Here's how to create a simple flower that can be used as a base: you need to draw and then cut five rectangles of 6x12 cm onto the paper. The five sheets are superimposed and then folded, keeping them well stacked, in the shape of an accordion, distancing each fold by one centimeter. For the stem, you can take a flexible green plastic stick. It then bends its end by gently rounding it. Then all the excess parts of the previously folded crepe paper are cut and each resulting petal is shaped with serrated or rounded scissors, depending on your taste. Now the petals are fanned out, spread over the upper part of the stem, taking care to separate them well to give the flower a beautiful spherical shape. Once satisfied with the result, fix it all with a little hot glue. To give an extra touch you can dispense a floral scent on the creation. To create a bouquet, we will proceed to make a sufficient number of other flowers always following the same method and we will tie them together with a beautiful high satin ribbon, lace or fabric, in the same color as the floral elements. The single flower will look good in a rather tall and narrow vase, while the bouquet in a centerpiece or in a basket of woven fibers.

How to make a flower with an oriental taste

This flower is reminiscent of the Lotus, and fits well in a modern and design environment. The procedure requires attention and good manual skills. To begin with, three or four squares of the desired size must be drawn and cut from a sheet of crepe paper in shades of pink. Next, place one square on top of the other, matching each side perfectly. Very carefully, you go to fold the accordion pile, first in one direction and then in the other. Now we go to fold the structure obtained exactly in half, so as to have a sort of bow tie. In this middle point you go to wrap a lace or a green elastic to form the stem of the flower. It will therefore be almost adjacent to the ground, to exactly reproduce the configuration of the Lotus flower. To separate the individual layers of the petals, the ends of the crepe paper are pulled out, being careful not to deform it. For a spectacular effect, a special structure can be applied to the bottom for artificial aquatic flowers, and set in a low and wide ceramic or porcelain vase filled with water like a pond.

A romantic dogwood

This creation is quite complicated, but the final effect will repay the commitment. You will need sheets of green and pink crepe paper, a ruler, cotton balls and a pair of very sharp scissors. First of all, cut a square of 2 cm from the side of the green crepe with the scissors and then fold in half. Then you go to take a cotton pad and cut this in half with the scissors, going to insert a section in the folded crepe paper. Now gently roll the crepe paper around the middle of the cotton ball. The procedure must be repeated in the same way for another ten floral elements. At this point a heart 4 cm wide and 6 cm high is drawn on the white or pink crepe paper with a pencil and is cut out. This will form the upper part of the dogwood petal. The same procedure is repeated for another three petals. Now you will have to tie together the green paper elements previously made with matching floral ribbon. The rose petals must now be fixed around the green stem, taking care to distribute them evenly. Three ovals of medium width are then cut from the green crepe paper to form the leaflets and they will be fixed along the stem with hot glue.

DIY crepe paper flowers: How to make glass flower

This flower is not difficult to make, and at the same time guarantees a highly refined final effect, managing to perfectly decorate any type of furniture, both retro and modern. The material we need is a sheet of crepe paper in shades of yellow, a thin stem of plastic and scissors. First, the tip of the flexible stem must be bent slightly to give it a more natural and realistic appearance. Next, draw an oval of the desired size to make the base petal of the glass flower. Then this oval is shown on the remaining paper and another six elements are reproduced. After having cut them, they will be positioned corolla on the tip of the stem, being careful to stagger them with hot glue or transparent double-sided tape. At this point each petal is modeled with the fingers, to give the corolla the classic domed appearance. To complete the whole, pretty leaflets are cut from the green crepe paper and fixed with hot glue on the flower stem.