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Outdoor umbrellas

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Outdoor umbrellas

The garden is the part of the house where you spend most of the summer time when the temperatures are pleasant and in this place you can receive friends and spend whole days, for this reason it is necessary to furnish the garden with a type of functional furniture and practical.
One of the objects that surely cannot miss in a garden is the outdoor umbrella that allows you to create some shade during the sunny days and under which you can organize lunches and banquets or simply create a small relaxation corner with armchairs and sofas in fact, together with tables and chairs, the outdoor umbrella is one of the main furnishing accessories for outdoor spaces.
The outdoor umbrella, in practice, is the evolution of the classic beach umbrella even if it differs from the latter both in terms of size and the method of opening and closing.
This type of umbrella is also widely used because it is generally a removable structure and therefore can be easily opened or closed and moved according to one's needs and requirements, often it is a valid alternative to the use of pergolas and canopies which, at contrary, they are fixed and bulky constructions, they must be assembled by specialists in the sector and can no longer be moved.
A large variety of outdoor umbrellas are available on the market so that they can be perfectly adapted to your needs, in fact it is possible to choose the material in which it is made, the type of cover, the size and above all the color and decoration so as to match it to the rest of the furnishings to create a personal style for your garden.


The outdoor umbrella is formed by the structure, the cover and the base.
The structure of the umbrellas is generally made of three materials: wood, metal and plastic.
Wooden umbrellas
The outdoor umbrellas with the wooden structure represent the model of umbrellas chosen by those who want to preserve nature and therefore choose a material that adapts to the environment and that does not clash with the rest of the furniture, the important thing is to choose all the types of wood, garden furniture, with the same color tone to create a nice chromatic effect.
Wooden umbrellas are usually very heavy and therefore very stable, there are both large wooden models anchored to the ground and smaller models that are easy to move.
Metal umbrellas
The umbrellas made of metal are very durable and last over time, generally they are made of iron or aluminum structures of large umbrellas that are designed to remain permanently in the chosen place and then are anchored to the ground. The structures of the small sunshades can also be made of metal but, given the weight, they become difficult to move.
Plastic umbrellas
Umbrellas made of plastic are generally small and light, designed to be moved and positioned according to your needs. You can find very colorful and cheerful plastic umbrellas but also classic models suitable for any type of furniture.
This material does not need any kind of maintenance but must be well anchored to the ground otherwise it risks flying away in case of strong wind.
The outdoor umbrellas cover is made of acrylic fabric and is treated to be water repellent and not absorb water in case of rain, it is found in various colors and patterns.
The base of the umbrella serves to give it stability and is usually made of concrete or iron.


Before placing your garden umbrella choose its function well.
Generally, this type of umbrella can easily be moved from one place to another, in fact the small umbrellas have a very heavy base that balances the structure and keeps it steady in the event of strong winds, while the larger and more complex structures must be anchored to the floor with nails but even in this case it is a very simple operation that can be carried out by yourself and that can be disassembled and moved if necessary, the important thing is to read and execute the assembly instructions to perfection so that your outdoor umbrella is safe in the event of bad weather or very strong wind.

Choice and maintenance

To choose the garden umbrella that best suits your needs, you need to go to a garden furniture store where you can find many types of umbrellas starting with the cheapest one and ending with special models and made with unique designers, in these centers it is also possible to request the transport and assembly of the chosen sunshade (in the case of a very large and bulky model) but if you need a small sunshade you can easily choose it in a mall that, in summer, are full of products of this type.
Umbrella maintenance is generally very simple in fact it is only a matter of checking that the entire structure is in good condition and providing for regular cleaning.
If your umbrella is made of wood, it is necessary that, once a year, repaint it with appropriate paints suitable for wood preservation, whereas if the structure is made of metal, periodically check that no rust has formed and if necessary, eliminate it, if if the fabric is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced so that you always have a perfect umbrella.

Garden furniture: Outdoor umbrellas

The function of outdoor umbrellas is to allow a shady garden to be made in the garden, but only when desired.
When, on the other hand, the same space is necessary or needs to be in the sun, you can easily put away the umbrella or close it.
The outdoor umbrella simply closes and has no space.
An indispensable object in your garden, the purchase of which, however, must be reasoned with respect to some characteristics: the size, the materials with which they are built, the solidity and functionality, above all of the closing and opening system.
It is essential to be able to close the umbrella when desired.