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Ideas for the garden: hedges and shrubs

Are you looking for garden ideas? Here are some tips that will help you create a vibrant, lush and colorful green space. An element that cannot be missed is surely represented by the hedges, which, in addition to being an elegant and refined ornament, allow to protect privacy and stay away from prying eyes, especially if left to grow. With regard to the choice of species, the lauroceraso is the most widespread, both for the ease of cultivation (requires essential care) and because it costs very little. Another feature is that it grows quickly, and therefore quickly takes up the space for which it is intended. Moreover, laurel is similar to laurel-cherry, but it extends in a less evident way, and is therefore easier to manage. Pitosforo, on the other hand, is distinguished by fragrant and white flowers, whose use, however, requires in-depth care and maintenance: flowers, in fact, although beautiful, are quickly dispersed and therefore must be removed quickly both for aesthetic reasons and for reasons health. Alternatively, another flowering hedge is the pyracantha, which in summer produces orange, red or yellow berries. Garden hedges can be planted easily even by the less experienced: it is sufficient to dig a hole, fill the bottom with specific fertilizer, place the plant and cover it with earth.
Shrubs, on the other hand, prove to be the optimal solution for those who, in the presence of a small garden, do not want to limit themselves to potted crops and bushes. There are different sizes (up to three meters high), with colored leaves and flowers to give a touch of liveliness. To give an example, one could resort to the camellia japonica, appreciated for the showy ornamental leaves and for the reduced maintenance it requires.

Creepers and succulents, ideal for beginners

Climbing plants are also very showy, especially indicated for small spaces as, with their vertical development, they give a feeling of depth and do not take up any surface. The climbing plants grow autonomously without the need for specific care, and can wrap themselves around specific supports, put on purpose (an iron pole) or trunks of trees already present, or even cover one or more facades of a building.
Neophytes should instead focus on succulent or succulent plants that are able to survive for a few days even in the absence of water. It is advisable to carry out the cultivation in pots, so as to be able to transport the plants and possibly place them at home or in another sheltered place in the winter months or during particularly violent precipitations (hails or very strong showers that risk ruining them).

Choosing the best style (and the possibility of combining different styles)

But ideas for the garden do not only concern the choice of plant species. First of all, in fact, it is necessary to choose the style that the garden will have to possess: will it be a rock garden or an Italian garden? A minimalist garden or a Zen garden? Furthermore, nothing prevents us from combining two or more different styles: this solution, however, is only advisable in the larger areas, while in a small garden the combination of different styles could create confusion. It is also important to be able to make the environment fit into the context in a harmonious and balanced way: in short, alongside an ultra-modern house, a garden with waterfalls, wooden tables and rustic plants could be quite off-key . On the other hand, you can also think of a combination of materials, for example creating a path in the garden with the same tiles as the house, or with the same bricks as the external facade of the house.

Garden ideas: the importance of the initial budget

Having said that, obviously, any idea or idea can only depend on the initial budget (ie from the money you are able to spend: in this regard, it will be useful to make a preventive calculation of the expenses to be incurred), it will be preferable to enrich the garden with furnishing elements or accessories that will serve to make it more functional and enjoyable. For children, for example, a play area can be set up, with a small inflatable pool, a sand corner, a swing or a slide; in the presence of dogs, they will not be able to miss their kennel (while the most delicate plants must be protected and delimited to avoid irreparable damage). And, in addition to the usual table and chairs, a gazebo will be the ideal tool to enjoy a cool climate sheltered from the direct sun, while a stone or brick barbecue will be the starting point for tasty grilled meat or fish.
In short, a garden can be created according to different ideas and tastes: whoever wanted it, moreover, can also refer to online programs that provide valuable help in green design. It is the case, for example, of Garden Puzzle, a software that can be downloaded from the Internet in a completely free way (and there is not even the obligation to register) that will help to put the ideas in order: a practical system of drag and drop allows you to arrange flowerbeds, borders, hedges and ponds within the environment, having the possibility to display it in different seasons of the year.


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