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JUNIPERIt is an evergreen shrub, up to 5 meters high with upward development, with semi-woody stems that support linear needle-like leaves of an intense green color.The flowers are gathered in inflorescences with small male elements of yellow color and greenish female elements.The fruit, called galbulo, is a brownish-colored berry, rich in seeds, edible for humans and with medicinal properties.It lives well on all types of terrain, even uncultivated and brackish, as it is a rustic and very resistant variety.It requires well-drained soils and fertilized with organic substance.BAMBOO'It is an ornamental evergreen shrub up to twenty meters high, which can live both on the ground and potted.It has rhizomatous roots from which robust and flexible cylindrical stems are born, with very thin lanceolate leaves of bright green color.It requires a deep, well-drained soil, enriched with peat, sand and shredded pine bark.It prefers well-lit areas of the garden but not direct sunlight.It is necessary to water frequently, especially in the warm months, alternating with nebulisations on the foliage.It is advisable to fertilize at least once a month with liquid fertilizer low in nitrogen.Climbing plants

It is a shrubby and climbing plant, which has pinnate leaves formed by small light green leaves with the opposite insertion.
The flowers, purplish pink, are clustered in pendulous inflorescences, extremely perfumed.
The flowering lasts throughout the spring until the beginning of summer and is very luxuriant.
The plant is used to create ornamental areas at the level of espaliers, pergolas.
It requires a soft, well-drained soil, fertile due to the addition of organic substance and a clayey component.
It must be housed in sunny areas of the garden because it fears the cold.
It is a climbing shrubby plant, with woody-looking, thin, very branched stems.
The leaves are large, have an intense green color and have a lobed shape with serrated edges.
The flowers are small, almost insignificant, and present a short flowering period.
The fruits are very decorative pink, purple or blue berries.
It is a fast-growing plant, very suitable for covering walls or espaliers in the garden, also because it is very resistant to climatic variations.

Fat plants

It is a succulent, herbaceous, succulent, flowering plant.
It has herbaceous stems of bright green color, up to 30-40 cm high, which support leaves with a fleshy consistency and a rounded shape, with a bright green or reddish color, edible for humans.
The flowers, white, pink or red, are distinguishable as the masculine ones have a more striking appearance, while the feminine ones are insignificant.
It requires a soft, well-drained soil, enriched with peat and humus.
The plant, suitable for creating flowerbeds or borders, or for filling ornamental pots, must be placed in sunny places and at mild temperatures, as it fears the cold.

Flowering plants

It is a flowery and ornamental herbaceous plant, which has an erect, delicate and supple stem, up to fifty centimeters high, of an intense green color.
The leaves are lanceolate, with alternate arrangement.
The flowers have a tubular appearance, enclosed by bracts, with a corolla of white and elongated petals, united in flower-shaped inflorescences, very decorative but not perfumed.
The fruit is an elongated oval achene of black color with white streaks.
It requires a soil with an acid or neutral pH, dry, sandy, well drained, enriched with humus and peat.
It must be housed in sunny areas with a temperate climate since it fears the cold: its ideal temperature is between ten and twenty degrees.
It lives well even in pots, and requires fertilization with liquid fertilizers, rich in iron and magnesium.
It is an ornamental herbaceous plant that has robust, straight stems, up to ninety centimeters high, which hold bright green lance-shaped leaves.
The flowers, with petals with irregular margins, are gathered in flower-shaped inflorescences, formed by an outer crown of large and sterile elements and an inner one of small and fertile elements, with the typical blue color, although there are white and pink varieties, very scented.
The fruits are achenes provided with a feathery appendage that facilitates the dispersion of the seeds.
It requires a soft and well-drained soil, fertile for the addition of organic material and humus. It is a very resistant plant that adapts to every type of soil and to any weather condition.


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