July wedding flowers

July wedding flowers

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July flowers for marriage: what are the seasonal species

What are the best July flowers for a wedding? Among the seasonal species, ideal for creating spectacular and inexpensive floral compositions, we highlight the hydrangeas, orchids, lisantus and roses. Gerberas are also very widespread, which for other reasons are found at any time of the year, whose sobriety is indicated especially for church decorations, as well as anthuriums. Purely summer flower, instead, is turmeric, which is characterized by a decidedly special shape, perfect for an unforgettable bridal bouquet: it is a kind of different colors, able to withstand heat without problems. Don't forget, then, as typical flowers of the month of July, the sunflowers, perfect for a wedding in rustic sauce.

How to make compositions and floral decorations

Once the flowers have been chosen for a wedding to be held in July, it is necessary, of course, to combine them and create the compositions that will decorate the different locations. Before going to work, we must first think about what places we want to embellish: only the church? Or the church and the restaurant where lunch (or refreshments) will be held? Furthermore, a decoration could also be pleasant in the house of the bride. It is clear that any decision can only be subordinated to the consideration of the available budget: in this regard, it is appropriate to calculate the expenses well in advance, to avoid unpleasant surprises. In case you wish to save from this point of view, you can still adopt some tricks that will not in any way compromise the success of the event. In the first place, the use of seasonal flowers indicated above will make it possible to contain expenditure, with respect to the eventuality in which one opts for flowers that grow in other months (as well as for rare or exotic flowers, coming from the other side of the world ).

Use the same flowers for the church and restaurant

A useful precaution could be to recycle the same decorations both for the church and for the restaurant: it will be sufficient to entrust to some friend or relative the task of taking the compositions and the bouquets at the end of the religious function and then bringing them to the place of lunch before the guests enter the reception room: here, they can be used to decorate chairs, chandeliers or any furniture, or used as simple centerpieces.
It is good to keep in mind, on the other hand, that the styles of floral arrangements must be able to fit harmoniously into the place where they are placed, avoiding false notes with respect to the context: for example, for a sober celebration in the church they will be not recommended for particularly bright flowers, which could be considered out of place (it will be preferable, in any case, to ask the pastor for advice). In general, each composition should respect some aesthetic parameters, concerning proportion and balance: for example, next to a large flower, a group of small flowers could be placed. Even the colors must be able to favor a visual balance, for example taking into account that the white petals are very striking compared to the colored flowers. Anyone wishing to get married in July without spending too much on flowers can also decide to share bouquets and decorations with another married couple: you can, in essence, count on colorful and spectacular arrangements at half price. In this regard, you can choose both fresh flowers and fake flowers: in the first case, obviously, it will be appropriate for the ceremonies to be held a few hours away, or on consecutive days, to prevent too many flowers from withering, while in the second case they will not temporal contiguity is required. The use of artificial flowers, on the other hand, is also advantageous because it requires very limited maintenance.

July wedding flowers: Not just flowers: candles, pine cones, fruit and ribbons

Whether you choose sunflowers, gerberas, roses or other species, the flowers can also be combined with other materials, objects or accessories: for example some fruit, such as apples or oranges, but also candles, tulle ribbons, satin bows, decorated pine cones , flowers made of papier-mâché, etc. The only rules are those that impose not to harness the imagination, leaving free rein to creativity and trying to combine aesthetics and functionality. We refer, for example, to the possibility of recycling any waterfall compositions resting on the church benches even at the restaurant as a centerpiece, simply by removing the pendant part.
A final piece of advice concerns the choice of colors, which must be made by trying to avoid monochromatic, too flat shades, but at the same time not choosing more than three or four different colors (or you would risk giving life to excessively confused compositions): better, in short, focus on a few, but convincing, choices rather than on too many different options, which would give the impression of an excessive mix. For the rest, all that remains is to leave room for the imagination and vent the creativity compatibly with the available economic resources.