Selling flowers online

Selling flowers online

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Flowers for birthday

In the flowers section for birthday and name day we can order from the composition of mixed plants to bouquets of mixed flowers, tulips and gerberas, colored roses, tulips or gerberas, and then move on to mixed centerpieces with baskets of roses and assorted flowers; if we want something more elegant we can opt for the bundles of sunflower, anthorium, rose and lilium, strelizie or order a fantastic bouquet of blue roses, long-stemmed red roses, three red roses and even a beautiful orchid branch.

Flowers for thanks, degree or communions and confirmations

Continuing in the flowers section for anniversaries we can order flowers for thanks, for degree and diploma or for communions and confirmations.
As for the first occasion we can choose between: three red roses, a bouquet of roses or assorted flowers, centerpieces of roses and mixed flowers or opt for a bundle of oriental lilies, strelitzias or magnificent sunflower bouquets. As an alternative to this we can buy an azalea, guzmania, cyclamen, ficus, orchid and a small Yucca plant.
Regarding the second type of recurrence, the choice extends to the various bouquets (tulips, colored gerberas) to the various compositions (red roses, mixed flowers) and to the bundles (strelizie, anthorium, roses, etc.).
Finally, the third type of recurrence provides us with the various azalea and spathiphyllum plants, the compositions of white flowers and orchids and then get to the mixed flower bouquets and to the centerpiece always of mixed flowers.

Flowers by birth

We are faced with the birth of one of our grandchildren or that of the son of a dear friend of ours and, we do not know which flowers to give away?
As a rule of thumb we must choose among white flowers even if today we tend to give them the color of the sex of the child.
Just in our case are the baskets of pink roses, the bouquet of lilies and gerberas, the various compositions always tending to white, pink or blue (from the composition of orchids, mixed plants, white roses to those of mixed flowers), or bunches ( of roses, white flowers) and the bundles (mixed or of blue roses). As an alternative to all this we can give the mother a fantastic heart made of pink roses, a bouquet (iris and seasonal flowers, agapantus or pink roses) a wonderful centerpiece of roses and lilium or a nice trio of roses.

Flowers for funeral and mourning

When we do not have the words to best express our sorrow and grief; in the moment in which we want to make our presence felt by those who remain alive, we can choose between the various proposals of the network between a bouquet (of gerberas and roses), composition (of roses, for mourning), bundle (for mourning or funeral) , heart of red roses, bunch of lilium, branch of orchid; flowers of anthorium, an important funeral wreath or, decide to buy one of the many funeral cushions made available by online companies along with many other variants.

Flowers for anniversary and Mother's Day

If you want to remind your wife and the mother of your children, how great is the love for them but do not know which words to use, do it with flowers. As for the first occasion, you will find many floral ideas on the net, such as: three red roses, a bouquet (of roses and white flowers, orange roses), a basket (roses and mixed flowers), composition (flowers of the period) , bundle (of anthurium and red roses, sunflowers, blue roses, colored roses, strelitzias etc.); if you want to amaze it you can buy a magnificent composition of red roses in the shape of a heart or a bouquet of red roses with long or medium stems.
As for the second anniversary, the mother of your children will not be able to give up a fantastic centerpiece of blue roses or red roses bouquets or magnificent baskets of red roses or heart-shaped roses.

Flowers sale online: Valentine's Day and Women's Day

Valentine's Day and Women's Day are two very important days for your girlfriend or your wife; both parties in which you will never have to miss the traditional floral gift symbol of a love for these wonderful, but complicated creatures.
As for the first occasion, on the net it is possible to choose the usual bouquet of red roses with medium or long stems or red gerberas and finally for a heart-shaped composition or for a bouquet of red roses at the base a bow of their same colour.
For the second occurrence the flowers to benefit (also from the point of view of tradition) are those with yellow color: a bunch of Sanremo mimosas, a composition with roses and mimosas, a bouquet of yellow roses and mimosas, a bouquet of sunflowers and mimosas, three roses and a mimosa, a bouquet of lilies, roses and mimosa, a bouquet of roses and assorted flowers, a wonderful centerpiece of gerberas and assorted flowers or a sensational fantasy bouquet. Remember that you can have these fantastic compositions delivered directly to your beloved's home.
As you can see, on the net it is possible to buy an immense variety of flowers and compositions to be sent to the homes of the people you want, staying comfortably at home, without having to take up too much of your time and fully satisfying both your needs and those of your friends or girlfriends.


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