Flower arrangements for weddings

Flower arrangements for weddings

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Floral decorations for weddings: rules for buying and making

Buying or making floral arrangements for weddings often requires rather high costs. Let's go, therefore, to discover some suggestions that will allow us to save from this point of view, without giving up elegant bouquets and spectacular compositions. It is worthwhile to specify that, obviously, the more rare and exotic the chosen flowers will be, the more the cost will be destined to rise. For the same reason, to do a favor to the wallet it will be preferable to focus only on seasonal flowers: in order to create compositions of different shapes and sizes only two different species will suffice, possibly accompanied by ivy and green leaves. The only exception to the rule will be granted for the bride's bouquet, which is still small and therefore destined not to excessively increase prices. Those who prefer to recreate a minimal atmosphere, on the other hand, can decide to opt, very simply, for a single flower, which must then be enhanced and declined according to different styles and methods, for example using tulle, ivy or gisophila.

How to combine low cost solutions with the aesthetic aspect

On the other hand, a low-cost but high-impact solution is one that involves placing on the church benches compositions consisting of a single flower, which can also be tied with pastel-colored ribbons at the banquet sessions. Equally useful, to save money, it could be to use the same decorations for both the church and the restaurant (or in any case the location chosen for refreshments or lunch): it will be sufficient to delegate to one or more people (friends or relatives, or the florist - but in this case you will have to pay for it) the task of moving the flowers from the church, from the end of the ceremony, to the restaurant, where they will have to be delivered to the waiters who will arrange to position them before the guests can enter the reception room. Of course, by adopting such an expedient, it will be good to design the compositions in such a way that they are adequate both to the context of the church and to the context of the restaurant: in short, sober to the right point, not too colored to not out of place during the religious function, but neither too flat, from the chromatic point of view, not to make the environment dull. For example, the cascading compositions, even of small dimensions, which are placed on the church benches can be reused as simple but pleasant centerpieces to be placed on banquets, easily removing the hanging part. But the tricks to save on wedding flower arrangements don't end there.

Share the decorations with other married couples

Nothing prevents, for example, from deciding to share flowers and compositions with other marriages and other brides. If it is true, in fact, that often the decorations are thrown away at the end of the day, representing - as well as a waste - also a substantial economic expense, one could choose to share the expense with other married couples. The important thing, of course, will be able to combine the tastes of couples, but on the other hand, if there is a strong need to save money, it will be preferable not to have needs that are too difficult to satisfy. In this case, moreover, it could be useful to focus on flowers that are not fresh, but artificial or fake, or, if we really want natural compositions, on dried flowers, which can then be recycled even on subsequent days without the risk of seeing the decorations wither. In this way, moreover, it will also be possible to choose slightly richer, and therefore spectacular, compositions, given that the price will be reduced by half (or two thirds, or three quarters, depending on how many couples will share the decorations). The only element that obviously cannot be shared will be the bouquet that will be launched by the bride. In the creation of the decorations one can leave free rein to imagination and creativity. Such as? Simply by playing with the decorations. It is not said, in fact, that the restaurant and the church must necessarily be embellished only with flowers. You can therefore decide to use other materials, colored ribbons, candles, bows, papier-mache for particular flowers, tulle, fake or ver fruit, ivy, wheat ears. Depending on the economic budget, in essence, one can indulge, given that the range of choices available is decidedly vast. In conclusion, it is worth mentioning which are the flowers that cost less and therefore are recommended to those who intend to spend little. The orchids, from this point of view, must be left aside, since they require a considerable expense: much better to focus on roses, on gerberas, on sunflowers, on daisies. The cost of tulips and calla lilies depends on the season.

Flower arrangements for weddings: the importance of style

In conclusion, it is important to underline the importance of creating compositions that are able to recreate a pleasing visual balance, and adapt to the surrounding context, both in terms of colors and style: inside the church, in fact, too showy flowers would be out of place.