Rock gardens

Rock gardens

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It is preferably chosen to create decorative tufts to be placed alongside the rocks, as it is an adaptable species, which lives well even in the shade.It is a perennial shrubby plant, of rustic variety, which has stems with bushy habit, very branched, up to a meter high.The leaves are needle-like, small and verticillate, green or rust yellow.The flowers, of small dimensions, are gathered in spike or raceme inflorescences, white or bright red.Flowering occurs when the temperature is between seven and fifteen degrees.Fern

Another species that is often housed in gardens, near rocks or stones, is the fern, an evergreen or semi evergreen herbaceous plant (depending on the variety) that prefers shady areas.
It has an underground rhizome from which a stem up to one meter branches off, with leaves with full lamina pennata or bipennata, slender, arched or hanging, of a bright green color.
It requires considerable humidity to be able to develop at its best, so the adjacent land must never be dry.


This plant has a decorative appearance due to the presence of very fragrant purple flowers, and is widely used in rock gardens as it has a rather rapid growth and lives well even in shady areas.
It is a bushy, aromatic and evergreen plant, with stems up to 1 meter high, which holds narrow and elongated leaves in silver green ...
It requires a well-drained soil, preferably a limestone component.
Being a rustic variety, it is well adaptable and durable


It is an evergreen shrub, up to 5 meters high, with semi-woody stems that support linear needle-like leaves of an intense green color.
The flowers are gathered in inflorescences with small male elements of yellow color and greenish female elements.
The fruit, called galbulo, is a brownish-colored berry, rich in seeds, edible for humans and with medicinal properties.
It lives well on all types of terrain, even uncultivated and brackish, as it is a rustic and very resistant variety.
It is used to create aromatic and colored areas in the garden.


It is a shrubby, evergreen plant, with a woody stem of height up to 1 meter, which grows on rocks, stones or even in the cracks of the walls, being a very adaptable and resistant species.
This species is often housed near the rocks, as it is able to cover them, creating a very pleasant decorative effect due to the presence of its beautiful flowers.
It has petiolate leaves with a fleshy texture and covered with a thin layer of down.
The flowers are large, very showy and pinkish white.
The fruit is an elongated capsule, green on the outside and pink inside, where it has a fleshy consistency; it is edible for humans.