Paper flowers instructions

Paper flowers instructions

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The flower based paper

The paper flowers are extremely decorative and thanks to their versatility they allow the creation of various compositions. Before starting, it is necessary to have all the necessary material available, which can be purchased both in stationery stores, florists and gardening and DIY centers. It must include different types of paper, including the tissue paper for romantic and light flowers, the crepe paper for more original and modern decorations, and the refined origami paper, useful for creating delicate and richly detailed flowers. In addition to paper, you will need straight blade scissors, smaller scissors to round off the shapes of the petals and leaves, transparent adhesive tape, double-sided tape and supporting staples. To support the corolla, it will be useful to buy artificial stems, made of latex, rubber, plastic or wood depending on the final effect to be obtained. Finally, you will get a hot glue gun and glitter spray cans to give light to the flower. Finally, to make everything more natural, you can use the help of water colors and a small brush of natural bristles with which to make pleasant nuances on the body of the flower. To create the basic element proceed as follows: cut an odd number of rectangles of paper of the size you need, then arrange to overlap them one on top of the other, making sure they are staggered. After delicately lifting the bunch of rectangles, the final part will be fixed with a circle of adhesive tape. At this point the flower rests on the artificial stem, fixing it with hot glue. To cover the adhesive tape, a little floral ribbon of the same color as the stem will suffice. Finally, the flower will be embellished by drawing the shades with the brush and water colors, so as to give an extremely natural and realistic look.

How to make a rose

This flower is very simple to make and therefore makes it particularly suitable for those who are beginners and must become familiar with the art of folding. First you need to bend the tip of a pipe cleaner, which will represent the center of the flower. It is possible to make this part more natural by creating a small curve folded on itself. Next, cut a square of the desired size to create the guide petal. The outline of the petal is shown on the paper and seven elements are replicated. After having cut them out, they will overlap the main petal and will be fixed on the brush, pushing them downwards until the tip passes through them. Each petal will now be modeled, so as to obtain the texture and appearance that you desire. At this point, beads will be inserted from the lower part of the brush to embellish the whole and also to fix the petals in place.

How to make paper flowers for a wedding

With a few simple steps you can make beautiful flowers in tissue paper that will form part of the wedding decorations. Paper flowers made with this material are very delicate and refined. It will take eight sheets of tissue paper in a pastel color, florist thread and floral ribbon. Start by creating a stack of eight squares of tissue paper per flower. The most suitable color is off-white, even if all the slight shades are suitable. Proceed by folding the packet of rectangles onto itself and fixing it to the base with some florist's thread, placing it in the middle of the folded tissue papers. The ends are then cut diagonally along the edges to create movement. With this method, you will create a bouquet. At the end of the processing, we will wrap the floral ribbon around the threads in evidence and arrange the creation in refined round centerpieces in the same color as the flowers.

Paper flowers instructions: How to make Chinese paper flowers

Usually these flowers are made with crepe paper and in very bright colors. First you have to decide the color tone you want to adopt, and then buy the crepe paper you need. Five 4x4 cm strips are cut for each flower. Subsequently, each strip is folded in half, twice. Once this is done, the crepe paper is folded back on itself. Then take one of the folded pieces, and at the bottom of each open end, small cuts of 2 cm each are made to create a sort of fringe that gives movement to the flower. Proceed with the same method on the rest of the previously prepared strips of paper. At the end of the work, each piece will be gently opened, spreading it well on the work surface. Now you have to wrap a piece of thin wire with the floral ribbon, in a length equal to that of the stem. The glue stick is then applied along each petal. At this point you must take one petal at a time and very gently glue it to the stem, until a full corolla has formed. If you want a shiny and lively effect, finish the whole thing by spraying on the Chinese flower of the spray glitter, in the same shade of the petals, and holding the can at a distance of 20 cm so as not to ruin the delicate structure.