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Taking care of and furnishing your home are two actions that no one can escape, because the home represents the character of each person and, therefore, must be ordered, in order to be able to live in a pleasant environment that allows to welcome guests in dignified way; for this reason it is good practice to look after both internal and external environments, installing other vases that besides being very functional, because they help to keep the garden and the house in order, are also very elegant and allow to enhance any type of environment .


THE tall vases they have the particularity of having the shape of a bottle, but they can accommodate flowers with a very long stem inside them, creating a considerable visual effect. The market offers the possibility to choose between many types of tall vases, which can be adapted to any architectural style and furnishing, according to the needs of each person; there tall vases in classic style, which can be used in any type of environment and situation and allow to enhance the home, because the classic style is timeless or tall vases in modern style, suitable for those who want to have environments furnished in a contemporary and minimalist style and, finally, there are tall vases in ethnic style, which are chosen by those who love exotic notes and originality. Various materials are also used to make tall vases, from terracotta, wood, ceramics, PVC, to natural fibers.


Terracotta is by far the most used material for the realization of tall vases, since being a completely natural material, it is not perceived as a stranger by the ground and by flowers, but integrates perfectly with them; the porosity of the terracotta allows the absorption of any excess water and, through the formation of a green layer on the surface of the vase, it allows to identify the state of health of the plants and to intervene promptly. Thanks to its reddish color, the tall terracotta vases adapt to any type of furnishing and architectural style and, moreover, they allow to safeguard the environment, since the terracotta is disposed of in a natural way without polluting.


Wood is also an excellent alternative for the construction of tall vases, since the wood being completely composed of natural fibers, allows tall vessels to blend into any environment, where they have the chance to release all their intrinsic elegance . The tall wooden vases are made with solid wood, that is the wood that is taken directly from the trunk of the trees to give greater strength and resistance over time; moreover, wood is a 100% eco-sustainable material, in fact at the end of its life cycle it can be biologically degraded without causing any kind of damage to the external environment. Being very ductile, wood can be decorated with inlays and motifs of various kinds, which make tall vases even more elegant; the wood needs constant maintenance in order to fully show off its beauty.


The tall ceramic vases are very common, a very elegant material, but also very resistant to impact and scratches; moreover, being composed of natural matter, it has a low environmental impact, since it does not pollute, but safeguards the environment. The ceramic adapts to any temperature, does not fear thermal excursions and is a fireproof and waterproof material; the tall ceramic vases can be decorated by hand with personalized motifs and adapted to one's tastes, guaranteeing a visual effect capable of fully enhancing the home.


A material that is widely used for tall vases is PVC, recently discovered but which has already enjoyed great success in the field of doors and windows and furnishings, in fact it is especially appreciated for its high resistance to atmospheric agents and acids. It is a water repellent and fireproof material, and manages to maintain the same appearance for the duration of its use; the high PVC vessels are also very insulating and allow the soil of the plant to always maintain the same temperature even in the event of strong temperature changes. Although PVC is a petroleum derivative, it is not polluting, since it is recycled and reused for the creation of new objects; high PVC pots do not need excessive maintenance, since they can be cleaned even with the help of a damp cloth.


Even natural fibers are used for tall vases, especially for those vases in ethnic style, in fact these fibers lend themselves well to any type of model; tall vases in natural fibers are very light and can be moved from one place to another without any difficulty. Natural fibers do not need maintenance because they regenerate automatically when in contact with the outside air.