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Fuchsias are medium or small shrubs; the species of small dimensions generally fear the cold, while the larger ones are well resistant to frost; in nurseries we find with greater ease fuchsicles poorly resistant to frost, which are grown outdoors only in the summer, but which produce a richer and more decorative flowering.
These small plants find their place in the semi-shaded flowerbeds of the garden, or even on the terrace, in a large vase, positioned in a place where they are not hit by sunlight for too many hours.
They fear excessive heat, drought and the sun during the hottest hours of the day.
Then place them in partial shade, in full earth or in a beautiful vase, where we will water them with great regularity, avoiding to leave the soil dry for long periods of time, but also without leaving the substratum soaked for a long time.
From April until the first colds we regularly supply, every 12-15 days, a good fertilizer for flowering plants, mixed with the water of the waterings.
In winter we repair our fuchsias in a place far from freezing, preferably in a cold greenhouse, and suspend the watering.